Kanto’s Elite Four Guide


The first of the Elite Four (E4) is Lorelei. She specializes in ice-type Pokémon and she trained these Pokemon to destroy future opponents. She uses Dewgong (Level 54), Cloyster (Level 53), Slowbro (Level 54), Jynx (Level 56), and Lapras (Level 56).

Recommended: Use an electric type against Dewgong, Cloyster, Slowbro, and Lapras. Use a fire or a fighting type against Jynx


The second of the E4 is Bruno. He specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon and these Pokémon have a very high attack stat. He uses Onix (Level 53), Hitmonchan (Level 55), Hitmonlee (Level 55), Onix (Level 56), and Machamp (Level 58).

Recommended: Use a psychic type Pokémon against all 5 Pokemon and use a Water- or Grass-type Pokémon against Onix.


The third of the E4 is Agatha. She specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon and this is one of the hardest battles of the E4. She uses Gengar (Level 56), Golbat (Level 56), Haunter (Level 55), Arbok (Level 58), and Gengar (Level 60).

Recommended: Use a Psychic- and/or Ghost-type Pokémon against all 5 members of her team.


The fourth and final of the E4 is Lance. He specializes in Dragon-type Pokémon. He uses Gyarados (Level 58), Dragonair (Level 56), Dragonair (Level 56), Aerodactyl (Level 60), and Dragonite (Level 62).

Recommended: Use an Electric- and/or Ice-type Pokémon when battling against him.