The Sinnoh Region

In-game Map


Twinleaf Town – The town where the player begins at. Your friend lives here too!

Sandgem Town – A small town next to the beach. Professor Rowan’s lab is located here.

Jublife City – The first major city the player arrives at. You are able to use the WIFI service (RIP) to trade or battle with other trainers from around the world.

Oreburgh City – A coal mining city here the coal is produced. In this city, the player battles the first gym leader, Roark. you can also visit the Museum.

Floaroma Town – a peaceful town full of flowers. In the center of the town, there is a shop called Pick a Peck of Colors.

Eterna City – This city is where you are first greeted by Team Galactic. You will need to battle some of the grunts when you first enter. you are also introduced to the Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia. This is where you battle your second gym leader, Gardenia.

Hearthome City – The next city the player arrives to gives players things to do. For instance, the player is able to participate in contests to win ribbons for their Pokemon. The player is also able to go to Amity Square to allow one of their Pokemon to come out and walk around with them. this is where your fifth gym leader is located, Fantina.

Solaceon Town – This town is small and peaceful where you are able to access the daycare and explore the Solaceon Ruins.

Veilstone City – City surrounded by mountains and is filled with meteorites. Here, you can shop at the shopping mall and play at the game corner. You will battle the third gym leader, Maylene.

Pastoria City – A city that is protecting the Great Marsh. Here, you can go into the safari zone and find rare Pokemon. You battle your fourth gym leader, Wake.

Celestic Town – An old town that preserves its history. You meet Cynthia’s grandmother here and she’ll tell you the history.

Canalave City – A port located directly west of the Sinnoh region. You meet the professor at the library as he gives you a brief overview of Sinnoh. You are able to go to Iron mountain using the boating service. You battle the 6th gym leader, Byron.

Snowpoint City – The city filled with snow! Here, you can travel north to the temple where you can find the legendary Pokemon, Regigigas. Your 7th gym battle takes place here against Candice.

Sunyshore City – You finally receive access to Sunyshore City after the blackout that occurred. Here, you can go shopping at the bazaar and meet the steel type gym leader from the Johto Region, Jasmine. Your final gym battle takes place against Volkner.


Fight Area – Small area where you can access the Battle Frontier. To come here, you must’ve defeated the champion, Cynthia, and went to the boat in Snowpoint City.

Survival Area – According to Bulbapedia, A town where hot-blooded Trainers gather to work out and hone their battling skills. You can rematch gym leaders here.

Resort Area – Here, you receive access to your very own Mansion. Also, there is a pond where you can find Magikarp that encounters between the levels 1-100.