PokéStar Studios


Along with the PokeMusicals that were found in Pokémon Black and White, Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 feature a new contest called “Pokéwood” (Pokémon + Hollywood). This new area lets you “create” your own movies by choosing certain options and selecting dialogue. These selections also take place using motion capture suits in front of a greenscreen.


So far we’ve gotten few details about exactly how it will work, but some screenshots infer that the touchscreen will be used to select dialogue options and you may also set up what Pokemon will participate in staged battles for the films. But, you will be able in full control and can change the plot, the title of the film, the player’s dialogue and the battle based on set options. One way you can control the battle is being able to rent Pokemon from the studio.


So far how your movie will be judged and what you can win is unknown. The screenshot below shows what the movie grossed and the cast that participated.


So far it’s been confirmed that not only will former Icirrus gym leader Brycen be involved, but also Unova’s current gym leader Homika’s father as well. He is involved with in some sort of confrontation with Brycen, although it could be part of a “movie” they are acting in (shown below).