How to get the Ability Patch in The Crown Tundra

What is the Ability Patch?

The Ability Patch is a new item added in Pokémon Sword & Shield‘s DLC ‘The Crown Tundra’ which allows players to change their Pokémon’s normal ability into a rare ability. Rare abilities are often known as Hidden Abilities among fans.

Where can I obtain the Ability Patch?

The Ability Patch is sold by a woman in the Max Lair where you set off on Dynamax Adventures, as seen in the image above. It costs 200 Dynite Ore, a currency which can be earned by completing the Dynamax Adventures.

Other useful items, such as the Ability Capsule, which can change a Pokémon’s ability between two of its normal ones, and Bottle Caps are also available for purchase.

How can I earn Dynite Ore quickly?

Dynite Ore can be earned by completing Dynamax Adventures and certain criteria, such as making it to the final boss, will increase the amount your receive.

If we find a reliable way to farm Dynite Ore quickly, we will add it to this section.