New Characters


While other Pokemon games have been based on a formulaic ‘Evil Team vs Hero’, Black and White differentiated themselves by adding many characters to the story and a plot that wasn’t as clearly Good vs Evil as previous games had been. Along with your friends and allies, you’ll meet many other NPCs in the land of Unova.  Their Japanese names are in brackets.

Main Characters

  • Hilbert [Touya] – Male protagonist
  • Hilda [Touko] – Female portagonist
  • Bianca [Bell] – Headstrong friend and rival
  • Cheren [Cheren] – Smart friend and rival
  • N [N] – Mysterious trainer
  • Professor Juniper [Araragi] – PKMN Prof of Unova
  • Fennel [Makomo] – Asst to Prof Juniper and works on Dream World

Gym Leaders & Elite 4

  • Cilan / Chili / Cress [Dento / Poddo / Koon] – Trio Badge
  • Lenora [Aloe] – Basic Badge
  • Burgh [Arti] – Insect Badge
  • Elesa [Kamitsure] – Bolt Badge
  • Clay [Yakon] – Quake Badge
  • Skyla [Fuuro] – Jet Badge
  • Brycen [Hachiku] – Freeze Badge
  • Iris / Drayden [Iris / Shaga] – Legend Badge
  • Shauntal [Shikimi] – 1st Elite 4 Member (Ghost)
  • Grimsley [Giima] – 2nd Elite 4 Member (Dark)
  • Marshal [Renbu] – 3rd Elite 4 Member (Fighting)
  • Caitlin [Katorea] – 4th Elite 4 Member (Psychic)
  • Alder [Adeku] – Champion

Team Plasma’s 7 Sages

  • Ghetsis (Geechisu) – Plasma’s 2nd in Command
  • Giallo – Yellow Sage
  • Rood (Rot) – Red Sage
  • Gorm – Blue Sage
  • Ryoku – Green Sage
  • Zinzolin (Vio) – Purple Sage
  • Bronius – Brown Sage
    1. What’s up with the use of the word “really?” So what if it’s red in Dutch? The sages’ names are colors, Giallo is yellow, Rood is red, Gorm is Blue, Ryouko is blue, Zinzolin is purple, and Bronius is brown.

  1. Freaking retarded. Hilbert and Hilda? They really are going the Dutch route aren’t they… >.< The names aren't any better than Hansel and Gretel and those are also Dutch…

  2. I love everything except Hilbert and Hilda. Now that’s just something you don’t want to get used to.

  3. Rood is Red in Dutch
    Giallo is Yellow in Italian
    Ryoku is Green in Japanese
    Gorm is Blue in Irish
    Zinzolin is Purple in Italian
    Bronius is Brown in German
    This is at least what I found on the internet so dont blame me if some of these are wrong.

  4. It’s a good thing that the other gender protagonist doesn’t appear in-game, because I throw up a little in my mouth every time I see “Hilbert” and “Hilda”. =__=

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