Pokémon Center online store to open in Australia and New Zealand

Pokémon fans in the US, Canada and UK have been able to purchase official goods from the Pokémon Center website and, soon, those living in Australia and New Zealand will be able to as well!

Shopping at the Pokémon Center

The online store stocks a mix of plushies and merchandise released first through the Japanese Pokémon Center website and physical locations, as well as original apparel, home goods and other products exclusive to the West. There have also been collaborations with artists and brands launched through the site.

There have also been pain points for fans, including lack of timely updates around exclusive and highly-sought-after merchandise, poor bot blocking that also catches legitimate users and lack of restocks for some goods.

When will the Pokémon Center be available in Australia and New Zealand?

According to the press release, the online store will “soft launch soon, with the official release in these markets following shortly thereafter,” so fans shouldn’t have long to wait! It’s hard to say what soon means but hopefully within the next few weeks.

Will the Pokémon Center expand to Europe, South America and other regions?

Even with the addition of a site for Australia and New Zealand, there are still many fans who do not have the ability to purchase from the Pokémon Center from their countries. This new expansion gives hope that we may see additional regions get a website that they can order from. There has been no official word though, so fans will need to keep waiting.

Let us know what you think about this expansion below and let us know if you’re able to order from the Pokémon Center in your region in the comments below. Don’t forget to also join our Pokémon Discord server!

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