ColourPop announces Pokémon makeup collab

Cosmetics company ColourPop, known for their fun and affordable makeup, has announced a new collaboration with Pokémon! It launches May 9 and several products have been revealed, which you can see below. You can sign up for email notification of the collab’s release on ColourPop’s website here.

Pokémon lip balms and lip mask

It is currently unknown if there will be more products in the collaboration, but transforming lip balms inspired by Ditto, Jigglypuff and Pikachu have been revealed, as well as the “You’re A Catch” lip mask with Poké Ball container.

Prices have also yet to be formally revealed ahead of the collaboration’s Thursday launch.

Additional goods

A new image, which may include all upcoming items from the collaboration, has been revealed and can be seen above. It looks like fans will be getting a makeup palette, ‘super shock shadows’, blush and more.

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