Toyota Miraidon Project brings a Legendary from Pokémon Scarlet to life!

The Toyota Engineering Society, an organization within the company that focuses on projects to improve its members technical skills, has collaborated with Pokémon to bring Miraidon to the real world!

They have created a mechanical model that can stand and transform to its riding form. Fans will be able to see it in person and fans of 140 pounds or less are able to sit on top of it this weekend at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya.

The video below shows some of the creation process and its initial showing to fans.

Update: Additionally, an official Pokémon Twitter (X) account shared a video of it in motion on display, which we’ve embedded below.

The event is sure to be popular and it is certainly a unique collaboration. Let us know what Pokémon you’d like to see brought to life in a similar way in the comments below! Don’t forget to also join our Discord server!

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