The Indigo Disk DLC now available: Coverage Day 1

Owners of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet who have bought The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC pack can now download patch 3.0.0 which adds the second half off the DLC, The Indigo Disk.

We’ll be adding new content to the site to cover the newly added second half of the DLC and new pages will be listed in our coverage posts as they are added.

New Pokémon

Spoilers! We’ve put the image and names in the dropdown below to hide them if you don’t want to see them.

See new Pokémon and their shiny forms
Image via @mattyoukhana_

New Pokémon in The Indigo Disk by name:

  • Archaludon – Steel/Dragon
  • Hydrapple – Grass / Dragon
  • Gouging Fire – Fire / Dragon
  • Raging Bolt – Electric / Dragon
  • Iron Boulder – Rock / Psychic
  • Iron Crown – Steel / Psychic
  • Terapagos – Normal
  • Pecharunt – Poison / Ghost

Download a Master Ball via Mystery Gift

Players can currently redeem a Master Ball in Scarlet and Violet. All they need to do is go to the Poké Portal and redeem a Mystery Gift via the internet. Distribution ends on January 3, 2024. Enjoy!

Let us know if you’re playing the new DLC tonight, tomorrow, this weekend or maybe you are still on the fence about buying it! We want to hear your thoughts! We also have a Pokémon Discord server that you can chat in as you play!

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