Is the Pokémon Center’s latest Eevee figure worth its $50 price?

The Eevee Spring Celebrations of Seasons is a new Pokémon figure which was recently added to the online Pokémon Center store. It is extremely cute, but also costs $50 for a three-and-a-half inch figure. Watch our unboxing to see how it looks in person and compares to the similarly-sized Leafeon figure from the An Afternoon with Eevee & Friends series.

Eevee Spring Celebrations of Seasons figure

The figure itself features an Eevee in what appears to be a flowery meadow next to a picnic basket of flowers. There are plenty of details in the small model, including flowers and full tulip plants, as well as a basket next to Eevee.

Official product description:

What’s more adorable than Eevee? How about Eevee sitting with some flowers, surrounded by more flowers? The Eevee Spring Celebrations of Seasons Figure features the Evolution Pokémon sitting in a field next to a picnic basket (filled with more flowers), looking surprised with a small head tilt. Perfect for Eevee lovers or curators of cuteness.

Unboxing and comparison

The figure looks great in person, but ultimately it’s hard to justify such a high price. As shown in the video, it is pretty comparable to, although slightly smaller, than the $14.99 (sorry, incorrectly stated as $15.99 in the video) An Afternoon With Eevee & Friends figures from Funko.

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