New characters Friede and Captain Pikachu revealed for anime

The brand-new Pokémon anime debuts in Japan on April 14 and two new characters have just been revealed: Friede, a Pokémon Professor, and his partner, Captain Pikachu!

Introducing Friede and Captain Pikachu

The official information given about the duo so far can be found below.

Friede, a Pokémon Professor, and Captain Pikachu will assist and battle alongside the new series’ dual protagonists — Liko from the Paldea region and Roy from the Kanto region in the U.S. version of the show — on thrilling adventures across the Pokémon world while unraveling the mysteries of Liko’s pendant and Roy’s Poké Ball.

Wrapping up the original Pokémon anime

Pokémon Journeys Part 2 is now available to watch on Netflix and you can catch up with some memorable characters from Ash’s travels!

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