Pokémon Scarlet & Violet begin global release, plus review round up

Fans are finally beginning to be able to play Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for themselves as midnight, November 18 starts to roll across the globe. As such, we’re officially starting our extended coverage of the games and will be adding new information to the site for players!

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New and updated Scarlet & Violet content

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Review round up

Below are a selection of selection of Scarlet and Violet reviews that have been released so far:

VG247: 4/5

Highlights: “It’s the game I wanted Sword & Shield to be, and all the areas where those titles took baby steps, like with the Wild Area and certain streamlined elements that come to full fruition here.”

Lowlights: “Another area where you can sense a struggle against the principles of open world design is sadly in the performance. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet actually do run okay, with nasty-but-not-unforgivable frame drops here and there.”

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IGN: (No rating yet)

Highlights: “Scarlet and Violet are a blast to play, and aside from a few quibbles about the precise way certain systems work, Game Freak largely seems to have figured out what kind of open world design works for the series. It truly delivers on the Pokémon fantasy while embracing a more modern RPG style.”

Lowlights: “In fact, there really isn’t a moment in these games where I’d say they run well. The framerate is all over the place, dipping agonizingly low even when only a few effects such as flowing water or weather are on screen. Character models only a few feet away pop in and out, sometimes rapidly, or chug along at stop motion animation speeds.”

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Highlights: “The greatest redeeming factor I can attribute to Scarlet and Violet is still its writing, which, like Legends: Arceus, builds toward a truly stellar, compelling endgame.”

Lowlights: “The three [story] routes pave the way for Scarlet and Violet’s wonderful characters and world-building, but also betray their deeply flawed open-world design.”

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For Pokémon games, the reviews are a bit more negative than what has been seen in the past, but fans will have to decide for themselves whether or not performance issues will really detract from their enjoyment of the game’s open-world region and three intersecting storylines.

Let us know what you think in the comments below and what information you’d like to see us cover! Don’t forget to join our Discord server, where people are currently super excited for Scarlet and Violet‘s release in their respective regions!

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