New Pokémon for Scarlet & Violet Revealed!

The World Pokémon Ecology Society recently held an online event revealing new details for the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet & Violet games.

As we’re nearing closer to the release of the games we would like to take this opportunity to remind people that more and more information about the games is going to be revealed in the coming weeks, as such our coverage will contain spoilers of information officially announced by The Pokémon Company.

The World Pokémon Ecology Society presented us with a seminar showing some of the wildlife of the Paldea region, preparing us for the many Pokémon we can expect to see across the region. A full version of the seminar can be watched by clicking here.

  • Seviper and Zangoose were show fighting in the overworld
  • The olive orchards of Paldea were shown, with Diglett shown burrowing undergrounds
  • A forest in Paldea was shown with Greedent eating a berry and Applin sleeping in a tree
  • In the snowy regions, Abomasnow can be found creating blizzards, making it difficult for players to see
  • Paldea’s desert locale was shown with Krokorok and Sandile swimming through the sand

Finally, a mysterious new Pokémon was shown. While the Pokémeon shares similarities to Diglett it is noted that it is an entirely different species named Wiglett. Check out the mysterious new Pokémon below!

That’s all that was revealed in today’s episode! Let us know what you think of the new Pokémon in the comments below and join our Discord server for live Pokémon discussions!

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