Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Everything revealed today

Today was a big day for Pokémon fans, with the Pokémon Presents sharing a lot of new information about Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet (and not so much new information about anything else). We’ve created this post to highlight the news that was revealed today, including information about new Pokémon, Terastallizing, the region, academy, and more!

New Pokémon revealed for Scarlet & Violet

It was almost certain we’d see new Pokémon from the Paldea region revealed and the Pokémon Presents didn’t disappoint! Learn more about each of them below.

Fidough: The Puppy Pokémon

Fidough is a Fairy-type Pokémon with the ability Own Tempo. The official site says that it has a “moist, smooth feeling to it.” Its breath can also ferment things because it contains yeast.

Cetitan: The Terra Whale Pokémon

Cetitan is an Ice-type Pokémon with the ability Thick Fat or Slush Rush. It’s said that its body is incredibly strong to support its massive weight. Based on the information shared by the official site, it may be a physical attacker.

Paldean Wooper: The Poison Fish Pokémon

Wooper’s Paldean regional form is Poison- and Ground-type, with the ability Poison Point or Water Absorb. It features crossbone-like protruding gills which have hardened from their move from an aquatic life to terrestrial living.

The Terastal Phenomenon

New to the Pokémon series is the Terastallizing mechanic, coming in Scarlet and Violet.

How Terastallizing works

Each Pokémon will have a ‘Tera Type’ which will dictate what type it will become when it Terastallizes. This does not stack onto its type(s), but instead replaces the Pokémon types. This means that:

  • Your STAB bonus will apply to the new type (and not apply to your former type(s))
  • Your weaknesses and resistances will change

That means there are both offensive and defensive considerations for its use.

All Pokémon can use this function and Pokémon can be found with different innate Tera Types through Tera Raid Battles. For example, Pikachu is an Electric-type Pokémon, but could be found with a Flying Tera Type. Other Pikachu could be caught with a different Tera Type. Currently, it is unknown whether there will be a mechanic to change a Pokémon’s Tera Type that it is caught with.

The Terastallizing function requires a Tera Orb, which will allow trainers to Terastallize their Pokémon in battle. The orb must be charged however, at crystals in the wild or at Pokémon Centers.

Tera Raid Battles

Like Pokémon Sword and Shield, Scarlet and Violet will feature raid battles that can be challenged alone or with other players online. These Tera Raid Battles will feature Pokémon with different Tera Types. You’ll know the Tera Type of the Pokémon you’re battling, because the color of the overworld crystal will correspond to it. In the image above, the green crystal means that the Pokémon inside has a Grass Tera Type.

Unlike the raid battles we’re familiar with from Gen VIII, you’ll be able to attack and take turns without waiting for other players. You’ll also have the option to ‘cheer’ (up to three times per raid) which will allow you to either boost attack and special attack of everyone’s Pokémon, boost their defensive stats or heal. This can be helpful if your Pokémon lacks any supportive moves.

Welcome to the Paldea region

The region of Scarlet and Violet has finally been named and had its map revealed. We’ll be exploring the Paldea region, which features many diverse locations, including an ice-covered mountain, lakes, rivers and a giant maelstrom in its center. There certainly seems like a lot of potential for adventuring.

Traveling around the region

You’ll be able to explore the region using Koraidon and Miraidon, which will allow players to ride on them and can traverse the ground, water and sky. Currently it is unknown at what point you’ll be able to unlock their riding function.

Description of the feature from the official press release:

  • Sprinting Build / Drive Mode: Players can ride Sprinting Build Koraidon or Drive Mode Miraidon, making it easier to traverse the expansive Paldea region more freely.
  • Swimming Build / Aquatic Mode: Players will be able to jump into rivers, lakes and vibrant oceans to approach the Pokémon that live there or cross perilous waters in a snap by riding Swimming Build Koraidon or Aquatic Mode Miraidon.
  • Gliding Build / Glide Mode: Players can jump from mountains, towering cliffs or tall buildings and glide toward their destination.

Multiplayer features

In addition to the Tera Raid Battles, you’ll be able to interact with friends using the Poké Portal! That will be your interface for setting up online trades or battles, or using the Union Circle to start co-op play.

While using co-op, up to three friends can join you and they can cheer you on while catching Pokémon and also invite your Pokémon to walk alongside you. With Koraidon and Miraidon, you could probably organize some racing around Paldea as well.

Academy and story

Located in Mesagoza City, you will attend either the Naranja Academy or Uva Academy depending on your game version. This isn’t a school for kids though, Trainers of all ages can join and learn about Pokémon.

Classmates and academy staff

  • Director Clavell‘s appearance will differ depending on your game version. He is the director of your version’s Academy and is also a friend of your region’s Pokémon Professor (Sada or Turo)
  • Jacq is your homeroom teacher and the developer of the Pokédex app for the Rotom Phone
  • Arven is an upperclassman and excels at cooking. He is researching recipes for Pokémon and isn’t good at battling
  • Penny is a shy girl who is in your grade

Three stories to explore

You’ll be assigned to take part of a special independent study project, the Treasure Hunt, by Director Clavell. What exactly this entails is still unknown, but probably represents one of the three story paths in the game, with another being the Gym Challenge. What the final story entails is unknown.

Grusha is the Gym Leader of Glaseado Gym. He fights alongside Cetitan. After you beat him and the seven other Gym Leaders of Paldea, you’ll be able to take the Champion Assessment. Passing that will grant you Champion Rank, seemingly the same as becoming a region’s Champion from other games.

Early purchase bonuses

For players who buy Scarlet and Violet and begin playing before February 28, 2023, there will be a special Pikachu to download via Mystery Gift! Its Tera Type is Flying and it knows the move Fly, which it cannot normally learn.

Fans who buy the digital version of the game will receive a serial code for an ‘Adventure Set’ which contains 10 Potions, 5 Full Heals, 3 Revives, 3 Ethers, 1 Rare Candy and 1 Nugget.

Those who purchase the Double-Pack will receive two codes, one per game, for 100 Poké Balls. Both the digital rewards and Double-Pack rewards can be claimed until February 28, 2023, like the Pikachu.

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