Catching Pokémon for a good cause… participants welcome!

Want to help catch Pokémon and participate in ending childhood cancer? Check out the details below about this upcoming opportunity to help St. Baldrick’s Foundation! The event is taking place April 24 through April 30 and you can read more in their press release below, with some minor edits added.

What is the ‘Catch a Million’ campaign?

Catch a Million to Conquer Kids’ Cancer is a 7-day marathon in which Twitch streamers are challenged to catch a million Pokémon to fundraise for St. Baldrick’s Foundation. The research funded by this event has the potential to impact every kid diagnosed with cancer because St. Baldrick’s Foundation is committed to funding research worldwide. Every streamer with an appreciation for Pokémon is welcome to participate in the Catch a Million event, regardless of stream size. 

At the forefront of the fundraiser, TwitchPlaysPokemon will be hosting a Pokémon Red and Blue face-off. Team captains Bruce Greene and KaraCorvus are key players in the event. 

What to Expect:

  • More than 50 streamers are already registered for the event. Participants MUST register on CatchAMillion to contribute towards the overall goal. Every streamer playing any Pokémon game is invited to participate.
  • A Twitch-integrated app tracks the Pokémon participating streamers capture during the fundraiser and updates live with the latest capture data and new challenges for participating streamers.
  • As long as streamers are live on Twitch (with the tracker), their captures will count toward the million-Pokémon goal.
  • Every Pokémon counts toward the million-Pokémon goal, from Red and Blue through modern releases. 

There are many ways to join the week-long Pokémon challenge

TwitchPlaysPokemon is hosting a 7-day face-off between two teams. A 24/7 Twitch Plays race pits Team Bruce Greene and Team KaraCorvus in a race to complete as much Pokémon content as possible using the “Twitch Plays” chat-driven gameplay format. Each team’s community will play the classic Pokémon Red and Blue collectively by entering commands in chat. 

Team captain Bruce Greene is an independent content creator who previously created gaming content for channels like Inside Gaming, Funhaus, and an array of Rooster Teeth Productions. Captain KaraCorvus is a scientist and gamer. Previously employed as a microbiologist, she is now streaming, acting, modeling, and voice acting full time.

Where all streamers are welcome to fundraise for St. Baldrick’s, all viewers are invited to participate in the Twitch Plays race in between supporting their favorite Pokémon streamers. So far, St. Baldrick’s has raised over $312 million, and gifted 1,644 grants across 30 countries.  

Will you be the very best? Will conquering kid’s cancer be your cause? Gotta Catch A Million! Learn more and register today at

Disclaimer: This is a fan-driven event and is in no way sponsored or associated with the owners of Pokémon intellectual property on any platform or in any medium. All rights to Pokémon (trademarks, media, and so forth) are still the property of their respective owners.

Click here to learn more about St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

If you want to help out, make sure to register on their website, linked above! It’s always great to see the Pokémon community raising money for great causes. Let us know if you think you’ll be able to stream or watch in the comments below!