Pokémon UNITE reveals new battle pass, features ahead of mobile launch

Tomorrow, September 22, will be the official mobile launch of Pokémon UNITE, which has been available to only Nintendo Switch players until now. Progress can be shared between systems by logging in with your Nintendo or Pokémon Trainer Club accounts.

New battle pass

In addition to the mobile launch, a new battle pass will be starting called ‘Galactic Ghost 094’. It will feature space-themed items and have both free and premium tracks. You can see holowear for Lucario and Gengar below.

New features and rewards

The game will also be introducing ‘Unite squads,’ which will allow players to find each and participate in matches together. We’ll have to see how robust this feature is.

Mobile players will also get the chance to earn Zeraora’s Unite license if they were not able to play on a Nintendo Switch during the promotional period. Players who already have its license can receive Aeos coins.

Finally, because the mobile pre-registration goals were reached, players will be able to receive 1,000 Aeos tickets, Pikachu’s Unite license (those who already have will receive coins) and special Festival style holowear for it!

How has your UNITE experience been? Ready to dive (back) in for a new battle pass? Let us know in the comments or on Discord! Also, don’t forget to check out our September giveaway, which ends soon!