Galarian Slowpoke, Slowbro, and Slowking – Origin of Species

In this recurring series, I’ll analyze the origins of Pokémon designs, their culture, and their historical allusions to British culture.

Galarian Slowpoke

On February 27, 2020, two additional DLC packs were announced for Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra. One of the first new Pokémon introduced was Galarian Slowpoke. Its two evolutions, Slowbro and Slowking, also received Galarian Forms that were evolvable only in each of the two DLCs.

Galarian Slowpoke looks much like its Kantonian counterpart, but is solely a Psychic-type. Its tail and forehead have a golden coloration.

Although this Pokémon is normally zoned out, its expression abruptly sharpens on occasion. The cause for this seems to lie in Slowpoke’s diet.

Because Galarian Slowpoke eat the seeds of a plant that grows only in Galar, their tails have developed a spicy flavor.

Slowpoke eat Galarica seeds, and players will find numerous Galarica twigs lying on the ground throughout the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra.

In Great Britain, a number of spices grow natively and have been cultivated by farmers for centuries. Some herbs include wild garlic, fennel, and corn mint. Fennel is a notable herb in particular as one tends to eat the seeds, and the plants will produce a toxin with exposure to sunlight.

Galarian Slowbro

When Galarian Slowpoke interacts with a Galarica cuff, the Shellder bites down on its arm instead of its tail. Undergoing a chemical reaction with the Galarica spices, Galarian Slowbro winds up as a Poison and Psychic-type. Its forehead, hands, and tail turn a deep purple as it becomes bipedal. The tip of its left arm becomes a small cannon-like appendage which it is able to use for attacks.

A Shellder bite set off a chemical reaction with the spices inside Slowbro’s body, causing Slowbro to become a Poison-type Pokémon.

If this Pokémon squeezes the tongue of the Shellder biting it, the Shellder will launch a toxic liquid from the tip of its shell.

Galarian Slowbro has the signature move Side Shell Arm, a Poison-type move that has a chance to poison. It is either a Physical or Special move depending on which will do more damage to the target.

Galarian Slowbro also has the signature ability Quick Draw, which sometimes allows it to attack first similar to the Quick Claw item.

Some of its design may come from cone snails, venomous animals that live in tropical and subtropical oceans. While slow, they can catch fast prey with a toxoglossan radula that is sort of like a tongue.

Galarian Slowking

When Galarian Slowpoke interacts with a Galarica wreath, the Shellder bites down on its head. It undergoes a chemical reaction with the Galarica spices and the shell consumes more of Slowking’s head, covering its entire face. The entire top of its body turns a deep purple. Galarian Slowking uses the Shellder as its eyes. It becomes a Poison and Psychic-type.

A combination of toxins and the shock of evolving has increased Shellder’s intelligence to the point that Shellder now controls Slowking.

While chanting strange spells, this Pokémon combines its internal toxins with what it’s eaten, creating strange potions.

Galarian Slowking has the signature move Eerie Spell. It is a Psychic-type move which depletes the PP from the target’s last move.

Galarian Slowking also has the signature ability Curious Medicine, which resets the stat changes of its allies when it enters the battle.

It may draw some design inspiration from warlocks given its pointed headpiece and cloak. Warlocks are similar to wizards in medieval folklore, though they obtain their magical ability through a pact with the devil. In popular culture, warlocks will invoke spells verbally.

Its association with creating medicine for allies may be inspired by apothecaries, medieval herbalists who were known for their expertise in mixing herbs together to create medicines. In folklore, apothecaries often created magical potions and elixirs, further tying into the warlock mythos.


Galarian Slowbro and Slowking share an otherwise unique type combination. Their relationship to toxins and mystical powers plays into the folklore of herbalism and magic in medieval Europe. Do you think they stack up well with other Galarian Forms that Sword and Shield introduced? Let us know your thoughts on this line in the comments below or on Discord!

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