Pokémon anime poised to bring back Mega Evolution, but will future games?

Mega Evolution, a fan-favorite battle mechanic introduced in Pokémon X and Y, has been absent in the latest generation of mainline Pokémon RPGs. It has also not appeared in the anime since Ash’s adventures in Alola; the new series Pokémon Journeys has seemed disinterested in featuring the mechanic… until now. Editor’s note: Mega Evolution did appear with Korrina’s Lucario previously, but was not advertised in print media to the best of our knowledge.

The cover of Japanese magazine Terebikun for the month of March (goes on sale February) shows a Lucario, possibly Ash’s or Korrina’s, wearing what appears to be a Mega Stone, Lucarionite to be specific.

With Ash and Goh’s adventure stretching into Kalos, it’s no surprise to see Mega Evolution included in the anime. It comes at a contentious time though — many fans want to be able to use Mega Evolution on their own Pokémon in the latest games.

Will Mega Evolution make a comeback?

Because Mega Evolution is being highlighted in the anime, it will only heighten interest in the feature that Sword and Shield lack. Sure it appears in Pokémon GO and Pokémon Masters, but spin-off titles can’t compete with the ability to train and battle in the main series.

That brings up the possibility of Mega Evolution being brought into any future games added into Gen VIII, Diamond and Pearl remakes or otherwise, or whether fans will have to wait even longer.

Many toy lines are based on the anime, which means it is possible we could see merchandise (probably Japan-exclusive) based on Mega Lucario, especially if it’s Ash’s. This also widens the gap between what fans are seeing in the series’ media versus what’s capable in the games.

This is not an article that is going to claim there’s evidence Mega Evolution will be back in the games this year, but it’s an interesting topic discuss among fans. So let us hear your opinions in the comments (exit AMP view) or on Discord!