Fans are going wild for a new Gengar cushion

Pokémon merchandise is usually pretty predictable, with stuffed animals and figures based off of the games or anime. But every once and awhile, something comes out of left field. Premium Bandai, creators of the Metapod sack, are back with something crazy: a Gengar cushion which houses a plush tongue that can be rolled out to create a full length of more than five feet!

Price and availability

The Gengar cushion/bedroll/??? costs 25,950 Japanese yen through Premium Bandai’s website (if you are redirected to an international site, you’ll have to click the link again) which is roughly $250 US dollars. Note: It is currently sold out, but pre-orders with a later ship date may be added.

Pokémon products sold on Premium Bandai have never come to their international site and the same fate probably awaits Gengar as well. There will be some import stores that can take pre-orders for overseas shoppers, but unfortunately I have no firsthand experience with such services and cannot offer any guidance.

How to use your Gengar

Gengar offers a superb amount of flexibility. Roll its tongue up as a pillow, skip the face mask and rest your eyes in its mouth, roll up tight or just use its tongue as a light blanket.

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