Pokémon Gallery Figure DX: Venusaur unboxing & review with video

The Pokémon Gallery Figure line debuted in 2017 and has been sold primarily through the US Pokémon Center Online store. Although the figures are generally small and retail for about $14.99, various larger figures sporting the DX moniker have also been released since 2018. Recently, Gyarados and Venusaur joined the Gallery Figure DX line-up for $28.99 each.

I purchased the latter very quickly after it was listed, because of my affinity for Grass-type Pokémon and Venusaur in general. You can watch the unboxing below.

My thoughts on the figure

It’s a pretty solid figure, literally. Venusaur is a bulky Pokémon and the figure is well modeled, making it look like the beefy Poké-tank it is.

Comparing it to the official artwork, the figure seems pretty true-to-life. To be honest though, the vines or roots from the Frenzy Plant attack look even better than the Pokémon itself. Those are very well textured and stand in contrast to Venusaur’s mostly smooth skin. I can see why they didn’t want to go too textured, this isn’t based off the Detective Pikachu universe, but the difference is noticeable.

That being said, I’m not sure with how licensing and product approval works that we would get a Venusaur that deviated from the smoothness we see in Sugimori’s artwork, and I wouldn’t want them to have made less detailed vines, so I just accept that this is how the figure had to be made.

My other real issue is with the base. IT’S A GREEN DISC. That is, admittedly, how Gallery Figures are normally created, but besides Lucario, I think Venusaur has one of the most bare and boring bases of any DX figure. I would have loved to see extra gravel (that wasn’t translucent) or something else to make it look more exciting. Oh, and what’s with the clear gravel?

If I had to give it a score, I’d probably rate it 7 out of 10. At almost $30, it seems a bit expensive for the size and the lack of more than 4 vines to depict Freny Plant left the base very bare looking. However, it is still a great figure and I’m happy to have purchased it.

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