LEAK: New Pokémon Unite screenshots reveal more characters, features

Pokémon Unite was announced last month in a Pokémon Presents, but nothing has been revealed about the game since. Recently on Chinese social media sites, however, new images have leaked which appear to show more characters available to play as, plus new features of the game.

In the gallery below, you can see that Zeraora, Rotom, Wigglytuff, Slowbro and Greninja are either being used in battle or are available on the roster. None of these five were shown during the game’s reveal.

In addition, Pokémon Unite feature trainer customization through different clothing options and limited-time rewards. Although they are not involved in matches, trainers are featured in different screens before and after a match.

Let us know what Pokémon you’re most looking forward to playing as or which you’d like to see make it into Unite! Don’t forget to join our Discord server!

Via: Nintendo Everything, tip from RiftSilver