LEAK: New item in Crown Tundra DLC discovered

Pokémon fans haven’t had much news lately, but there is one item that was discovered in the code for upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC that should excite many. The Crown Tundra appears to have a special Ability Capsule that allows Pokémon to switch from one of their two regular abilities to their Hidden Ability! It does not allow you to switch back.

This was confirmed by data-miner Matt on Twitter.

The original Ability Capsule was introduced in Pokémon X & Y, but is limited to switch a Pokémon’s abilities between the two it can normally be obtained with, although not all species even have two abilities available. It was a major game-changer for competitive players and breeders who were looking for a specific ability for their Pokémon.

This new ability to access Hidden Abilities as well will be another big step forward for making competitive-ready Pokémon easier to obtain.

Unfortunately, this item is not guaranteed to be released, so we need to keep expectations in check. It is clear that the programming is included in the items for the DLC, but Game Freak ultimately decides whether or not it will be available in the final release.

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