Pokémon Café Mix is now live!

The new puzzle game, Pokémon Café Mix, that was announced last week for the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices is now beginning to launch.

It can be downloaded for Android and the Nintendo Switch currently, with iOS support coming tomorrow. Here are links for the different platforms:

Download and let us know what you think in the comments below! Oh, and don’t forget to hop in our Discord server for more Pokémon discussions.

  1. Mattyoukhana_ on Twitter has found some data on SwSh that implies Peony’s daughter’s Japanese name could be Shakuya. Here’s my theories on what the English name might be.

    Shakuyaku (芍薬 / シャクヤク) is Japanese for “Chinese peony” or “Paeonia lactiflora”. Shakuya’s English name is likely going to reference the same flower, but the name “Peony” is already taken, so we must look some options.
    Lactiflora doesn’t really work, so maybe something related or derived from that. Anything that starts with “lact” is likely off-limits so as to avoid imature lactation jokes or something. Some options are:
    -Tiflora. Weird fantasy name but possible.
    -Flora. Derived from “lactiflora” but too generic.
    -Laeticia. The best thing I can think of based on the word “lactiflora”.

    Alternatively, there are some cultivars of Chinese peony that could work as inspirations for the name. Straight from Wikipedia we have Felix Crousse, Festiva maxima, Laura Dessert, Monsieur Jules Elie, and Sarah Bernhardt.
    The name Sarah is off-limits because of one of Lana’s sisters, but we could easily have Felicia, Maxine, Laura, Julie, Julia, and Elie.

    The name could also be derived from “Paeoniaceae”. Like… I don’t know, Niceae? I admit I’m not sure how to derive a name from that.

    Finally, we could also have a name that resembles the word “peony”. The first that comes to mind is Penny, but I think Penelope and Payton might sort of work.

    On an extra note, “shakuya” (借家) also happens to be the Japanese word for “rented house”, and the Crown Tundra has a location with the codename “minshuku”, which is most likely “借家”, the Japanese word for “pension; guesthouse; bed and breakfast; private home providing lodging for travelers”, so there might be a pun there. If it has to do with the small house seem in the trailer, maybe she stays there most of the time.
    If her name is a pun on “rented house” or she has any particular connection to an inn, Penny might be the name. If she has anything to do with money, Payton might be her name.

    That’s all I have for now. I have other theories about her and Peony, but I’ll post them at another time.

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