The Isle of Armor launch isn’t far: Here are 3 questions to answer

Fans are hyped to start playing the new Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC, The Isle of Armor, which will be launching soon, but we have a few things to talk about before it does.

Unfortunately the polls broke. I will look into this for the future, but for now… I need to sleep before this DLC comes out! I apologize and hope that you can put your answers in the comments below!

New Pokémon

We know that Kubfu will be given to us and we’ve already seen its evolution Urshifu. Are those the only new Pokémon we’ll see on The Isle of Armor? Keep in mind that we’re not talking about The Crown Tundra and the new Pokémon, such as the regis and Calyrex.

Returning Pokémon and Team Building

Returning Pokémon in The Isle of Armor

One of the things many players are looking forward to is the ability to see older Pokémon make their appearance in the Galar region. Some people have already been planning new teams. Do you have a team in mind heading into the DLC or are you going to wing it?

New Features

New clothing customization in The Isle of Armor

There are quite a few things to do in The Isle of Armor, but we want to know what you’re MOST looking forward to!

  • Challenging the Tower of Darkness or Water
  • Getting a Gigantamax form for your starter
  • New trainer customization
  • Catching returning Pokémon
  • New environments to explore
  • New Max Raid battles

Super excited to hear all of your thoughts and I hope that you leave a comment expanding upon your poll choices!

Many of us will being playing the DLC as soon as it launches—join and play along in our Discord server!

  1. Probably not new ‘mon but new forms.
    I’ll likely go in with my main game team and see how I feel.
    I am looking forward to seeing what surprises they might have for us.

  2. I’ll be playing through the content at least two times: one is going to be as “roflstomp” as it can since I’ll be using my team that went through the whole game with me, while the other is going to enter as early as possible. In the latter playthrough I’ll probably also then complete the main game with Kubfu in tow, and evolve him to Urshifu around… halfway through the gyms? It all depends on how the scaling will also work with him.

  3. Woke up at 7 AM hoping the update would be released already.
    It is not.
    I’m going back to bed.

    So guys, anyone believe this alleged leak? It’s weird because it was posted in March but talks about the DLC as if it hasn’t been announced yet, and the leaker seems to be unaware Urshifu evolves from Kubfu.

    The leak is weird, but in my experience true leaks tend to be weird. The Affleck leak, for example, mentioned Sirfetch’d, but no Galarian Farfetch’d. And there was a confirmed XY leak that mentioned Mewtwo had two new formes (when we only knew about one) activated by items, but never mentioned the words “Mega Evolution”. Mega Evolution was so game changing that you would think anyone who played XY early would have leaked it, and yet that leaker didn’t.

    Anyway, this Isle of Armor leak claims there’s a Poison Eeveelution. I think it’s possible. If you look at the leaked items, two of them are Galarica Cuff and Galarica Twig.
    Galarica Cuff is likely the item for Slowbro. The lore is likely “Slowpoke wears the Cuff, it attracts a Shellder, in trying to bite the Cuff Shellder causes Slowpoke to evolve”.

    If that’s the case, then what about the Galarica Twig? It could be another evolution item, but we know Slowking is not coming until Crown Tundra, so that can’t be it. Maybe it’s the item for Eevee?

    Quick prediction: Poison Eevee will be mushroom-themed. Many mushrooms are toxic, and if the Twig is the item, many mushrooms grow on trees. It might also have a snake tongue.

    By the way, someone mentioned on Reddit that Galarica seeds could be a reference to Brassica seeds (mustard seeds), and that “mustard gas” could be why Slowbro is Poison-type. I’m not sure if the Japanese name also references mustards in anyway, but Slowpoke’s design seems to reference mustard. We even have a character named Mustard.
    If that reference theory is true, it makes sense both of the Galarica items are for Pokémon that become Poison-type.

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