IGN reveals new details about Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC Isle of Armor

Gaming website IGN has shared new details about the upcoming DLC for Pokémon Sword & Shield, the Isle of Armor. They were allowed to play through the first 30 minutes of the expansion and shared their thoughts. Some of their revelations include:

  • Trainers’ Pokémon and those found in the wild scale with your team’s level
  • The island is basically a gigantic Wild Area
  • Environments are much more varied than the main games’ Wild Area
  • Players have access to different ‘tracks’ which can customize their bicycle
  • The trials players must complete are similar to those found in Gen VII

With the release of the Isle of Armor drawing very close, it’s exciting to learn just a little bit more about what it has in store for players! Our Discord server has been gearing up to dive in, why not talk with fellow fans?

  1. I am very excited to get into the nitty gritty of the expansion

    I have been in the process of breeding my original play through team with their preferred natures, moves and so on

    I already have a Grassy Surge Rillaboom as my partner but I think I will only have him alone and catch a new team

  2. This is great and basically answers my question I posted in another article. I was worried that I’d be overleveled & would breeze through the expansion.

  3. hey guys, i was actually wondering, I have 8 nintendo accounts with Pokemon Swords parties on, will i be able to access the expensions pass on the 8 accounts or just on the main one ?

  4. I’ve managed to get a shiny Libero Cinderace and Grassy Surge Rillaboom for the island.

    But for some fucking reason, both of the shiny Sobble I managed to get had Torrent instead of Sniper.

    I hope I can get the right ability before the Isle of Armor drops, just so I can have all 3 ready to go immediately.

  5. Wonder how long it takes to get Kubfu after entering the DLC. I have an extra save file ready to go in just to get him, trade him out, reset and then go back in to get the Urshifu I’m not getting in my main file.

    Also starting to have a feeling that Galarian Slowpoke and Galarian Slowbro are the advertised forms we’ll encounter on that checklist from the main website. Would love to be surprised though.

  6. Sorry to brag but I got a shiny new iPad for real cheap and I’m lovin it!
    The only issue is that trying to log into certain accounts and getting me lots of emails thinking I’m trying to phish myself

    But this way I can get through to you guys and discord with ease since my PC is out of commission until I get her fixed

  7. Argh!!! I’ve battled at least 1012 Cubchoo and still no shiny!!! What’s up? Am I supposed to do something besides just battle Cubchoo?!

  8. I just joined some guy’s raid for G-Max Kingler because my friend hasnt caught one, figured I’d get a spare he can have.

    It was shiny!

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