RUMOR: New items, abilities found from upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC

The Spanish-language fansite Pokémon Centro is at it again with new information. They claim that items and abilities which will appear in the first DLC, called the Isle of Armor, for Pokémon Sword & Shield have been datamined from the Pokémon storage app HOME. For context, there were 21 move names leaked previously.

New Items

  • Max Honey
  • Max Mushrooms
  • Galarica Twig
  • Galarica Cuff
  • Style Card
  • Armor Pass
  • Exp. Charm
  • Armorite Ore
  • Mark Charm

While some items, such as the Exp. Charm, seem straightforward, others seem markedly more mysterious.

New Abilities

  • Quick Draw
  • Unseen Fist

The second ability, Unseen Fist, belongs to Urshifu (regardless of form), the evolution of Cubfoo. I do find it somewhat suspicious that the DLC would introduce 21 new moves, but only 2 new abilities—although there’s nothing that signifies these are the only new abilities being added.

Again, their information has not been confirmed by other sources, so I recommend taking this with a grain of salt until any sort of official confirmation arrives.

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