Detailed Bunny Day guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons

What is Bunny Day?

Bunny Day is a two-week long, non-denominal parallel to Easter that’s presented in a global and welcoming fashion; it was introduced in the third iteration of Animal Crossing (City Folk, 2008). This version of the holiday is loaded with fun-filled references that require you to explore your island in search of eggs that can be used to create exclusive Bunny Day furniture via DIY recipe.

Zipper (the Easter Bunny) will appear on your island come April 1st and give you the run-down. April 12th is the final day.

Where can I find eggs on my island?

Zipper hides six different kinds of eggs throughout your island. These eggs are outdoor-only and to be obtained in a multitude of ways:

  • Leaf Eggs: Spotted in trees, shake these down for three at a time.
  • Stone Eggs: Mining time! These appear in rocks similarly to clay, stone, and nuggets.
  • Earth Eggs: Dig these out of the ground as you would a fossil.
  • Sky Eggs: Stay on the lookout for striped balloons! Not only can you shoot down eggs with your slingshot, you can also snag special DIY recipes.  (Balloons have an increased spawn rate)                     
  • Wood Eggs: Ready your axe and collect these eggs alongside wood material that is usually chopped.
  • Water Eggs: Catch these eggs as you would a fish. Beats a Black Bass, right?

How can I get new Bunny Day recipes?

As for how to obtain the DIY recipes? Those come at you just as the normal ones do. You’ll find them in the balloons, message-in-a-bottles, villagers will teach you, and as you collect eggs and reach milestones, as well as “Ah-ha!” moments where you stumble upon a recipe will take place.

There are 35+ exclusive recipes that require these eggs. Yes, that’s a lot. No you don’t have to rush. Take a deep breath, because you have two weeks to achieve them all, and the game intends for you to receive them.

What should I do before Bunny Day ends?

If you enjoy some egg-cellent furniture and outfits themed around Bunny Day, you should be aiming to collect all the recipes and enough materials to craft what you need to. Otherwise, just enjoy the festive environment until the holiday event comes to a close! If you don’t particularly want any of the things you can craft, why not try giving them to villagers on your island?

Can I disable Bunny Day?

You may be getting tired of all the eggs you’re finding. It can be disappointing to discover you didn’t actually get a fish, fossil or crafting material. Unfortunately, there’s no way for players to avoid the event and the only way to get rid of it is to wait until it ends on April 12. Sadly, no, you cannot take out your frustration by throwing eggs at your neighbors.

Guide written by Alessandro “Thwack” Poehlman

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