PokéJungle presents… Rotom Radio! Our new Podcast!

As some of our long-time readers may know we’ve wanted to create a podcast for our readers and followers. Things never quite came to fruition and our itch for another creative outlet was never quite scratched… until now…

Today we are happy to announce the release of the “pilot” episode of our latest project, Rotom Radio!

All of us staff here on PokéJungle enjoy funnelling our creative minds into original content for our fans to read. This podcast is a brand new way for us to bring exciting and original content for everyone, while still having that unique PokéJungle spin you all know and love.

This pilot episode serves as a test for us and as a way to gather feedback from everyone on what you’d like us to try in future in episodes. We’d love to hear any ideas you may have segments on the show, specific news items or things you like to hear us discuss and… just about anything else! We plan to improve and iron out any technical kinks too, so please bear with us – we’re still very new to this!

Without further delay, we’re really love for you to listen to our pilot episode and here it is! Rotom Radio is currently available on YouTube, Spotify and Anchor – check out the links below and let us know what you think!

After listening let us know your thoughts in the comments below, Like us on Facebook and follow us over on TwitterHead over to our official Discord to take part in active discussions about everything and anything Pokémon!

See you all soon for Episode 1!