PokéJungle presents… Rotom Radio! Our new Podcast!

As some of our long-time readers may know we’ve wanted to create a podcast for our readers and followers. Things never quite came to fruition and our itch for another creative outlet was never quite scratched… until now…

Today we are happy to announce the release of the “pilot” episode of our latest project, Rotom Radio!

All of us staff here on PokéJungle enjoy funnelling our creative minds into original content for our fans to read. This podcast is a brand new way for us to bring exciting and original content for everyone, while still having that unique PokéJungle spin you all know and love.

This pilot episode serves as a test for us and as a way to gather feedback from everyone on what you’d like us to try in future in episodes. We’d love to hear any ideas you may have segments on the show, specific news items or things you like to hear us discuss and… just about anything else! We plan to improve and iron out any technical kinks too, so please bear with us – we’re still very new to this!

Without further delay, we’re really love for you to listen to our pilot episode and here it is! Rotom Radio is currently available on YouTube, Spotify and Anchor – check out the links below and let us know what you think!

After listening let us know your thoughts in the comments below, Like us on Facebook and follow us over on TwitterHead over to our official Discord to take part in active discussions about everything and anything Pokémon!

See you all soon for Episode 1!

  1. 😍😍😍


    Hope everyone enjoys, something I/we have wanted to do for a long time. It’ll take us a little time to make this as best we can, but stick with us and we’ll make it great together!

  2. This is going to be an odd question but am I the only one confused with Pokemon Go and these random wild pokemon popping up… like why am I seeing snover and snorunt when it’s not snowy weather?

  3. I dont think the Galar region wants me to have any shiny mons. I just lucked out and found a star shiny sliggo raid and it ran away without a shake of my ultra ball 😭😭😭

  4. I’ve just realized G-max forms have physical attack animations that I’ve never seen them using in battle… Such a shame, G-max Grimmsnarl has such an amazing kick animation…

  5. Soooooooo I’ve entered my “psychotic” state in ACNH

    I am obsessed with
    -Urban organization
    -Ceaselessly harvesting resources
    -And hardcore minmaxing operations

    I am tearing down trees and eating apples by the bushel in order to make a centralized lumber farm and making sure it is all organized by a strict grid

    I’ve been in these situations far too many times

  6. Unpopular opinion: Raihan should have been the first weather based/sandstorm gym leader because his lack of dragon’s is ridiculous… speaking of as an update for my sword playthrough my team is:

    Hatterene level 52
    Barraskewda level 53
    G. Weezing level 53
    Cinderace level 53
    Sirfetch’d level 53
    Flapple level 54

  7. Big ACNH update!

    Ok so I have time traveled but I’ve got
    -All 10 plots set for my island (3 unsold)
    -Islanders are in order of invited: Sly, Charlise, Bubbles, Dora, Erik, Cyrano and Hopper
    -I have the campsite, Town Hall, Museum, Nookling Junction
    -Have moved most trees to the wild part of the island and moved flowers down to the town
    -I’ve built two bridges, hoping for four soon and have an incline being built
    -Put my lighthouse on the southeastern shore
    -Abundant fruit trees of all kinds in the wild area, including bamboo
    -Finished 3 full dinosaur fossils

    Gotta say my favorite Islander is… Dora
    She’s just so sweet and wholesome every single time we talk
    Least favorite?… I don’t dislike any and I have no reason to so none

  8. A brief word from the budding town of Nintowno of the Gaming Isles!
    -Three pre-assigned living domiciles have been approved for my new slav…err welcome island-goers. Wade Gladys and Peanut shall join in the next few days
    -Our Beautiful island is now gentrifying several key spots such as, plaza with a coffee stand with sitting benches, a playground for children near the beach “Kiddie Cove” and the Museum now has tacky outdoor attractions to lure in the dull simpleminded animals which I’m unfortunately legally required to call neighbors, und lastly a serene coastal garden with the lovely gazing seats (you gaze for freedom which will never come)
    -Several Orchards and several lumber nurseries are being instated which over 100 pieces of wood can be harvested daily

    From the desk of Nintowno’s Residental Director
    “Invent, Improve, Invest”

    But yeah despite the underlying evil which I’m comically thrusting upon I severely hope that we can start visiting others in their islands to show off and interact

  9. Animal crossing update. Yesterday the museum officially opened in Elysium and today the store has officially opened. Just picked a spot for my bridge and have two new house spots set up for clay and audie who I met on island tours. Just need to find good spot for third house!

  10. So I had my first dick moment (first of many to come)
    As I exited the resident center I caught a glimpse of a tarantula and I was like easy money but Muffy the sheepslayer got in the way and it bit me!!!

    I quickly raced back and repeatedly bopped her with my net until she got pissed

    Anyway I am serious tomorrow I demand we get that discord server up and establish a visitation so at least all of the folks of PJN whom have AC can register each other as friends, exchange fruit and tour islands

  11. So confession I just time traveled in animal crossing. Only traveled back to Monday to get the birthday celebration. Didn’t want to have to wait an entire year just to see it. Sadly doing this caused the Residental area to be upgraded. Feel guilty about that but I promise this is my last time doing this.

    1. Shaaaaaaaaame shaaaaaaaaaame!

      It’s ok but you’ll get over it…

      Tomorrow morning is my resident center construction

      I did find this delightful little nicknack a colorful spinny wheel I wanna hold raffles!

  12. Okay so I’ve decided what to do to make up for getting stuff too early. I’ll still play the game but I’ll delay doing anything vital like building bridges and stuff until around Sunday since that’ll be around time I would have actually gotten the townhall. I know I don’t have to do it but I personally feel it’s only right.

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