New Mythical Pokémon Revealed: Zarude!

A new mythical Pokémon previously teased by The Pokémon Company has been officially revealed!

Zarude in Pokémon Sword & Shield

The new Pokémon is called Zarude (ザルード/Zarudo) and is Dark/Grass type. It has the ability Leaf Guard This new Pokémon will feature in Pokémon the Movie Coco and Pokémon Sword & Shield later this year.

Zarude is the Rogue Monkey Pokémon and when fighting, it swings around using trees and their branches, attacking relentlessly with its sharp claws or any other means it has. Its quick wit helps it excel in battles.

How to get Zarude in Pokémon Sword & Shield

Like other Mythical Pokémon, Zarude will most likely be distributed in a future event. For players in Japan, this usually takes place with the theatrical release of a Pokémon movie and requires buying a ticket to the film. Luckily, those living in other countries usually get free downloads or in-store events later down the line.

Zarude in the anime

The first look at Zarude in the upcoming film Pokémon the Movie: Coco has been revealed. Watch below.

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  1. Honestly wasn’t expecting that coloration or typing when I saw the silhouette. I assumed those bands on its arms were going to be like coils and it’d be Electric-type.

  2. Thanks, I hate it. Just doesn’t feel…mythical? Idk I just don’t like it rn. Will probably grow a bit in me maybe, we’ll see.

  3. I predicted a monkey. I am Nostradamus.

    The Spanish version made a pun out of it’s categorization, it’s the “Simiestro” pokemon, from “Siniestro” (Sinister) and Simian. Kinda disappointed the english one didn’t do something similar, seeing how their pun game was top notch this gen with Noice Face mode and Hangry.

  4. I still don’t understand the name. Zarude

    I get rude cause I guess rouges can be rude, but why did it have the Za?

  5. Damn it all to hell
    I would’ve beaten Mewtwo if I didn’t have a FREAKING JOLTEON AS MY LAST MEMBER

    Grimmsnarl and Dawn Wings Necrozma with my Dynamax Rhyperior was perfection
    Taunt, Reflect and Foul Play with a tanky build from Necrozma and me

    But the stupid Eeveelution ruins everything like they all do

  6. I’ma take a stab at the premise of Coco

    Celebi time travels either Ash or the other guy to the others time period
    Must figure how to either find Celebi or get it to take them back, it refuses
    Zarude takes Celebi seems like bad guy
    It’s not bad guy, protecting it from bad man
    Duo stops bad guy


  7. I hope we get information on the distribution date and method soon. I don’t really much care about the movie I just want this thing in my game 😛

  8. Garchomp, huh? I knew I was the odd one in not loving it but I wouldn’t have guessed it as one of the top 10. A lot of the rest are top tier on my own personal lists, but that’s cause my tastes are basic as shiit

    And I don’t hate the new monkey like I thought I would, it’s just sorta underwhelming. Would’ve loved to see Grookey turn out this way, but like others have said I don’t really feel it as a mythical

  9. Why does nobody love my boy Scizor? He didbn’t even make the top 30.
    Altho I am glad Mimikyu made the Top 3, and Rowlet, Decidueye and Blaziken made the Top 30 at least.

  10. Zawarudo here to complete the Smash Dark trio.

    I like it but the typing is really quite bad defensively and the ability in no way helps. There’s a reason I didn’t want this type for Grookey. But yeah it could’ve been Grookeys stage 3 and I actually would’ve liked it despite the type. As a mythical though, it’s going to UU unless the stats or a signature move are amazing.

    Giving it some lore would be nice, even if that comes later the description here just makes it sound like a regular wild Pokémon, not helpful for a first impression (speaking of which, there’s a move that will destroy it, Sirfetch’d and Golispod at the ready).

    I am a bit disappointed it’s not a new type combo. At least it’s better than Calyrex.

  11. I actually quite like Zarude, but at the same time it feels like a scrapped final evo for Grookey, and if it was I would’ve picked Grookey as my starter

    1. Relies on something else setting sun since it won’t get time to do it. Might work best in doubles.

  12. Love the new mythical. And I’m okay with Greninja winning Pokémon of the year. While it’s not one of my favorites it’s a pretty cool Pokémon and at least it’s not Charizard or mewtwo lol

    1. Charizard at least has a good design and the line has some flow to it. Not a random tongue sticking out

  13. the Mewtwo CGI Movie is already lamer than the original in the first 30 minutes, they eschewed all the moody lighting and framing so everything just looks flat, Mr Fuji’s face isn’t even framed in shadows and every place is well lit up.

  14. Ok so

    Poliwhirl failed to make top 30 (But Muk made it?)
    Heracross is 17 in Johto (Rigged by the overrated competition)
    Reuniclus was 16 in Unova (For what it lost to it I’m ok)
    Oshawott was 7 in Unova (Happy noises)
    Goodra was 5 in Kalos (HAHAHAHA Screw you Talonflame!)
    Flygon was 3 in Hoenn (So close yet so far)
    Zygarde was 15 in Kalos (Yay)
    Chespin didn’t make top 30 while the other two did (Biggest rip off when it’s the best of the first stages)
    Deoxys was 23 in Hoenn (Deserved better but ok)
    Tropius didn’t make the list (I’m starting to hate people over this one)
    Torterra was 12 in Sinnoh (I’ll take it!)
    Beware was 9 in Alola (Happy noises intensify)
    Popplio was 28 in Alola (You know what at least Koko is only in Top 25 and not top 10)

    And finally Bidoof at 20 for Sinnoh (Not really a huge favorite, but I love the meme pick)

  15. I’ve only checked kanto, johto, and unova so far but already I see a lot of my personal favorites did well. Braviary was a surprising absence, somehow I thought it was more popular. Unless I just had a Blindzai moment and it really is on there…

  16. Pokemon Battles in the anime and movies always piss me off, why do they use Quad resisted moves so often?

  17. Much as I’d like it to be higher, Arcanine being 9 for Kanto is funny. My child Bulbasaur got 3rd which is nice.

  18. First time (in a while?) we’ve actually had a Pokemon with a more evil design.
    Really liking it. Can’t wait to add it to my collection later this year

  19. Bold prediction concerning this gens mythicals. Zarude is a grass/dark ape like Pokémon. It’s pretty to me looks like an evil evo of Grookey. Their will be two more mythicals and they’ll be similar to being sobble and Scorbunny. I’m most likely wrong but we’ll see lol

  20. Where is everybody seeing the top pokemon of each gen? I keep seeing stuff about Mojojojomon instead lol

  21. So some interesting tidbits about our new friend Zarude

    It can grow vines out of its wrists, neck and soles to aid it in battle, these vines also have healing properties which any wound wrapped by these vines will heal

    They’re quick witted in battle leaping from tree branch to branch to strike with their claws. They are extremely territorial to anything that is not associated with their pack which further promotes the idea that they’re more than one Zarude in the world, because of this Pokémon that reside in thick forests where Zarude packs live stay as far away from as possible very much governed by fear

    This makes the Coco movie extremely predictable as I can easily see our jungle boy being raised by a Zarude pack and is either distrustful of humans or does a N route and he understands them perfectly

  22. I’ve only beaten 1 Mewtwo raid (LOL!) so far. They weren’t lying when they said its very challenging. I hope events like this are a recurring thing in the future, because it adds a different dynamic to the games whom are usually (and rightfully) labeled as too easy.

  23. I wonder if what tPC assumed would become the most popular mon ended up being true for Galar, because that could’ve decided what (if any) Gen 8 mon gets into Fighter’s Pass 2 and Dragapult in smash would be AMAZING

    1. Fighters Pass 2 was probably decided long before they even decided to hold this poll.

      That and Dragapult doesn’t fit smash at all.

  24. I’m kinda more in a Animal Crossing mood and want some feedback
    -Name of your town/island
    -What type of home theme you go for
    -Preferred Fruit

    1. -Island name: Sinnoh (Maybe? Not 100% sure yet)
      -Gonna go for a developed/industrialized theme.
      -Peach or Apple

  25. Honestly what I like about Zarurde is that it’s the ‘super rare and strong, but otherwise a species’ kind of mythical, like Shaymin or Melmetal. It makes it feel less awkward than say Marshadow or Zeraora where you’re kinda like ‘is this meant to be one of many orrrr?’

    1. Honestly I forget Meltan is supposed to be a mythical since it evolves and was introduced and distributed in such a weird ass way

  26. You know, Zarude’s “Rogue Monkey” category is “Waruzaru” in Japanese. It rhymes. I wonder if the other Mythicals will also do that.

  27. This Pokemon of the Year nonsense finally confirms the longtime fact that Decidueye and Rowlet are more popular than Incinesnore. Fans of Sausage Fingers the Tiger have been spreading their contrarian propaganda ever since Sakurai made that fatal mistake- taking it as a personal win against the already established regime of precious marshmallow owl boi. But no longer will we live in the shadows. The proof is here and pokemon will never be the same. Thank you for coming to my Teddiursa Talk

    1. Okay but give us a ring when your shıtty owl is in Smash or is relevant in competitive uwu

      Hell by the end of Gen 7 it didn’t even run its signature move anymore lmaon

    2. I mean Sakurai said it himself

      He put Incineroar in because he wanted a character that was a wrestler and it killed a few pidove with one stone

  28. So, Zarude starts with “Za” just like Zacian and Zamazenta. If that is not a coincidence, the other movie Mythicals might start with “Za” as well.

    Assuming the theory about the Mythicals being counterparts to the Starters is correct, I think the bunny Mythical’s name will start with “Zagi” and the chameleon/lizard Mythical will start with “Zard” or “Zad”. Heck, if Zarude is indeed “the rude”, then the lizard one might be “Zadrake” (the drake).

  29. So I’ve started up sword finally. Current team!
    Lucky the Scorbunny lv 11- my starter which is a hyperactive pokemon. Will often run around like crazy often knocking things down.

    Nebula the blipbug lv 9- timid Pokémon I met on route one. Lucky startled it when we first got to route one by running up to it and trying to kick it like a rock. Quickly threw a ball to help the poor thing.

  30. Quick team update before I go to bed. 1 badge
    Lucky the scorbunny(will evolve soon) lv 21

    Nebula the Dottler lv 20- Nebula the Dottler lv 11- since evolving Nebula has became a lot more laid back and lazy. Often will just sit around doing nothing. Scorbunny now thinks it’s a ball and tries to kick it which nebula blocks with reflect

    Sting the zigzagoon lv 19- Nebula the Dottler lv 11- since evolving Nebula has became a lot more laid back and lazy. Often will just sit around doing nothing. Scorbunny now thinks it’s a ball and tries to kick it which nebula blocks with reflect

    Applin lv 19- while on route 5 I picked up what I thought was a fancy apple for camping. Turned out to be a Pokémon named applin. The little one wasn’t too happy about me picking it up and went to do defend itself. Quickly Caught it and it’s starting to settle in. I’ve noticed it has a very huge sweet tooth.(I won’t lie I actually bred this one to get the HA but let’s just go with this for the immersion lol)

  31. Got lucky enough to pull Red twice in Masters …after spending 21000 gems. Unfortunately no luck with Sygna Suit Elesa with the remaining gems 🙁

  32. What Pokémon holds a special place in your heart that mos Toei ole hate? For me it’s Simipour, when I first got Black (my first game) I got Panpour and fell in love, and by the time I evolved it, I was willing to love whatever it became (I do still despise the other two Simis though)

  33. I swear we should just group up and devise a fool proof plant to beat Mewtwo

    Screens, Taunts and Foul Play work really well and we need to plan for what type of moves Mewtwo’s packing to minimize the death output

    Dang it I need a free ability capsule for my Gigantamax Toxtricity

  34. I’m not a big fan to be honest. Doesn’t really have the feel of a mythical Pokémon. Maybe it will get a different form.

    1. Gen 1 Lieutnant Surge & Sabrina
      Gen 2 it’s a tie between Morty and Jasmine
      Gen 3 Wallace
      Gen 4 Volkner & Flint
      Gen 5 An other tie between Marlon/Elesa/Drayden & Tcheren
      Gen 6 Grant & Olympia
      Gen 7 Olivia & Kiawe
      Gen 8 Rahian & Nessa

      Sorry, tried my best to pick just one but it really wasn’t even close to possible

  35. Ok what the hell
    My phone won’t play YouTube links in the chat

    I swear I get so many issues with everything lately

  36. I really wonder who they could give to Leon in Pokemon masters since Charizard is already taken … Same for Riley since Lucario is taken too …

    1. Dragapult I’d guess, and then maybe also get a Charizard as well because I feel like duplicates are inevitable.

  37. Nothing should ever be 128 FPS
    It’s creepy and unsettling as hell
    (I wonder if this will also happen with higher and higher resolutions)


    doesn’t work mobile, doesn’t work on my ipad AND NOT MY PC


  39. February 28, 2020. One day after Pokemon Day. I did it. I really, honestly did it. I just finished my playthrough of Pokemon Sword and caught my own Zacian. My Living Dex is now officially complete. 890 Pokemon registered. I’m so exhausted because I did little else besides playing Pokemon Sword and homework this week. Have any other crazy people out there finished their Living Dex and been able to redeem their Magearna? Mine isn’t working, as expected. I really want that thing to put the icing on this cake.

  40. I suck so much at double battles, I don’t think I’ll win a single fight of the tournament, but I need that Pokeball Guy shirt.

    1. I won 2 of 6. I didn’t have a purpose built team though. Probably won’t do any more. You get the shirt for entering anyway.

  41. I never shared my thoughts about Zarude but I have quite a few of them! This is quite honestly of my favorite Mythicals ever because of its simplistic design and color scheme. Compared to the liked of Volcanion and Zeraora, Zarude looks much more like an organic creature so it’s a nice change of pace. I personally think this qualifies as “mythical” because it’s literally a myth, much like Bigfoot or other cryptids. Also, Dark/Grass is great because it’s the first time we’ve had a Mythical of either of those types since Darkrai and Shaymin. I’m still trying to figure out if that’s a coincidence or not since Sinnoh remakes are probably coming next year…

    1. I’ve done three and the one I just lost was my closest yet.
      I think the challenge is cool, but I think he’s a bit overtuned.
      Regular move > Buff > Gmax > Regular move seems to be his pattern.

  42. Oh my god with these kids starting the Mewtwo raid with only 2 people and them using their damn Marshadow….

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