New Pokémon HOME Details

Pokémon HOME is set to launch in February 2020 and today a ton of new information about the cloud-based service has been released.

The official Pokémon website has updated with details about the new service and we have summarised it below to make it easy to understand exactly what we can expect when it launches next month.

How much will Pokémon HOME cost?

Both free and paid plans will be available when the service launches. One month of the Premium plan will cost $2.99, while three months will be $4.99 and a full year will be $15.99.

Free Plan

  • Store up to 30 Pokémon
  • Deposit 3 Pokémon in Wonder Box at a time
  • Deposit 1 Pokémon in the GTS
  • Participate in Room Trades

Premium Plan

  • Store up to 6000 Pokémon
  • Transfer Pokémon from Bank to HOME
  • Deposit 10 Pokémon for Wonder Box
  • Participate and host Room Trades
  • See Pokémon IVs

Game Compatability

  • The Nintendo Switch version of Pokémon HOME is able to connect with Pokémon SwordPokémon ShieldPokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!
    • If a Pokémon is transferred from Pokémon Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee to Pokémon Sword/Shield it cannot be transferred back to the Let’s Go games – Pokémon can however be transferred freely between both Let’s Go games
  • Both Nintendo Switch version and the mobile version of Pokémon HOME are able to connect with Pokémon Bank with future plans to support Pokémon GO


Pokémon HOME features four ways to trade your Pokémon with other players:

  • Wonder Box allows players to randomly trade with people around the world
  • GTS allows players to search for specific Pokémon they are seeking and wish to receive
  • Room Trade allows players to create a room and trade among the people in the room, up to a maximum of 20 individuals
  • Friend Trade grants the ability to trade with friends added through the Add Friend function in Pokémon HOME
  • The number Pokémon players are able to trade at once when using the Wonder Box and GTS can be increased with a Premium Plan. Players can only create room in Room Trade if they are enrolled in a Premium Plan

Additional Features

  • Pokémon HOME will feature a National Dex with information on every Pokémon
  • Players will have a “room” to customize with games they’ve traded from and stickers

Let us know what you think of the new details announced and what Pokémon you’re looking forward to transferring! Join us on Discord for even more discussions.

  1. Only thing I don’t like is that yearly premium price.
    I guess I’ll just keep my living dex split between Ultra Moon and Shield atm, since there’s no guarantee they can all last indefinitely in Home if I happen to not renew for a month or two.

  2. Will mostly go for the free version until the Pokemon get patched in with the DLC and I will pay the 3 dollars to transfer them in.
    If there is an option to share it with multiple people then I’ll consider full time premium because I would just split the cost with my Nephew I share the 6000 storage with him.

  3. One great thing about the Switch’s extensive library is it has allowed me to experience a lot of franchises and games that I previously hadn’t; which has given me a chance to experience games created by devs who don’t care almost exclusively about profit.

    Prior to the switch, I mainly played Pokémon games on my handheld devices and I was getting more and more disappointed and depressed about the direction the games were headed. It felt like I was losing a joy for video games; now I know I was just losing my joy for Pokémon.

    This isn’t a post to gloat or brag or rag on Pokémon. It’s actually the opposite; I’m learning to love gaming beyond just Pokémon and mario. I’ve experienced indie games made by incredibly passionate developers, I’ve experienced the best the switch has to offer, and skipping SwSh and Home was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be.

    It’s sad to lose interest in a franchise, but I love the other aspects of Pokémon and especially the community here. Here’s hoping that the DLC is chock full of content and that gen 9 sees a return to what made the games special.

  4. Step 1: Pay the 3 Dollars to transfer from Bank to HOME once. Make sure to only transfer Pokemon that are available in SwSh at that point.
    Step 2: Transfer them to Home.
    Step 3: Create a new profile on your switch and a new Save file, advance to a point where you can access the PC (fairly fast).
    Step 4: Dump all your pokemon from HOME into that save file.
    Step 5: Never pay for HOME again.
    Step 6: Use that Profile as your free Pokebank as the games have a base storage capacity of 960 (assuming DLC don’t add more storage).
    Step 7: In the future just use the free version of HOME as the middle man to transfer things between your “Pokebank” Save file and whatever save file you want and you can still acess GTS, wonderboxes and Trade rooms on your free account.
    Step 8:PROFIT.

  5. $30 for add on.. $16 for this… Gamefreak is getting Money Hungry! I’m perfectly ok with all the angry fans now. I agree.

    1. I bet it’s a box you just swap with someone. Put up to 30 mons in and get whatever someone else put in theirs

  6. Well, there goes my living dex plans. I know its not all that expensive, but between this, nintendo switch online, the price I already spend on games, and other hobbies, it just adds up and it’s really not that important to me to want to spend the money on.

  7. I’ll just pay for the 3 month thing
    I got a job and I make moneh but I do have a few subscriptions

  8. Just at a glance I dont like that they’ve seemingly chosen to use 3D models based on the official artwork instead of sprite models in the boxes.

  9. Ok it is a tad disappointing that its $16 for the same amount as Bank, but I’m already only keeping Pokemon I like or have attachment to and I can just transfer them in drips, the ones not in SwSh can stay back for now till eventually they can get in

  10. I hope someday it’ll get a battling feature, something like Showdown. The price seems alright.

  11. Eh 15 a year isn’t too bad. That said no matter our opinion let’s not resort to insults people. You lose all rights to opinion when you do that.

  12. One thing I do like is that Home actually can hold x2 what Bank could, I’d have thought maybe it’d be the same 3000 as last time m

    1. Are we sure those are 3D models and not just touched up versions of the Concept art?
      I am not a fan of the airbrushed shading.

  13. Random thought about Persona 5
    One thing that never connected with me in Persona 5, and actually made me roll my eyes and tell the game to check it’s priviledge was when they start ranting about the metro system being opressive and I am like, “B*tch, you live in the city with one of the best public transportation systems on the planet, the capital of my country hasn’t been able to do a metro system in 50 years because the Bus mafia won’t let the project take off, I take 3-4 hours of buses everyday to go to and from work, f*ck off with your ‘The metro is opressive’ bullsh*t”.

    1. I don’t think it’s trying to say that the metro system itself is oppressive, rather it’s more of a symbol of oppression in the context of the game as the subways are cramped boxes full of people heading to their schools or jobs that chain them down.

      1. I wanna see the writer of Persona 5 take a Transmilenio to get paid 75% of the minimum wage because he is under 25 here in Colombia. Then I can even begin to buy that part of the discourse.

  14. You know what is sad? Of what I see my only legit caught Shiny in my Bank can’t cross over yet if at all (Beedrill)

    Poor Shine Bug (don’t ask why I named it that. If he ever makes it to SwSh its getting changed)

    1. It’s always a pity when coveted Pokemon don’t make the cut

      I remember by best legit shiny was a FireRed Marowak from the Victory Road, i used my Master Ball without question

  15. Clash Avenue Comic Book update: I’m f*ckin revising everything lol. The artstyle, the panels/pages, but not the story/characters. Sorry for so much delay. There’s this person I follow that has barely started doing panels after 3 years of working on his comic book and I’m starting to see why. As I keep drawing, I started to find what I like vs what I wanted to be. Instead of trying to be the next artist I follow, I’m trying focus more on myself and how I want my comic book/manga (or whatever you want to call it) to look like.

    Carry on and thank you for your time.

  16. I wonder when in the future they’ll cut support for Bank. I dont think it will be anytime soon, but Im sure one day it will happen since they have to pay servers to run it. Meaning one day you probably wont be able to transfer from Gens before 8 forward unless they come to their senses and port them as Virtual console to the Switch and make a shiit ton of money that they’re just sitting on

  17. So I started Astral chain finally. With what just happened in the story I can already tell this game is going to be a ride. And found out you can save cats in this game. I’ll be wasting my time hunting down the cats 😂 will play more once I wake up but I’m loving it so far!

  18. I only fought one Bleth this morning and I can already feel they’l be a pain for heavyweights

    And my usual gripes with the meta are pretty much the same, always spammy characters that literally do the same thing over and over or constantly trying to back air
    I fought a Ludwig this morning who literally did nothing but mechakoopa, side B and Shield but since he can immediately jump into a instant back air it’s tough to gain any hits because he’s stupidly mobile

    And I really hate battlefield stages, all the time the other opponents constantly hide on or underneath them and are just never fight me face to face, and if I try to get up in their grill they see it coming and just keep going or I clip into the platform and give them a free hit

    But nobody cares, nobody really plays online as much as I do nor understands my blight

  19. Well maybe today will be the day I go to Gamestop and prepare for the future

    Buying the Sword Expansion Pass and Fighter Pass 2. Kind of have decided I’ll wait to get AC or PMD, I’ll just wait to see what others say about the latter and the former I just feel paying $120 at the beginning of the year is a bit too much for me than just updating what I’ve already got

  20. Damn it mobile Disqus is doing that thing where when I have to log in (which it never keeps me logged in if I refresh) making go to the site and put it in manually instead of auto logging me, I HATE THAT

    Hopefully this goes through

  21. If Scorpion joined Smash, could yall see any Nintendo characters joining MK11 Switch? Bayonetta would fit very well, but she’s not really a Nintendo character even if the games are exclusive

    1. I don’t think Nintendo would allow one of their characters into a game where they could get graphically dismemebered, ever.

  22. So random thing to share. This week I’ve started drinking coffee. I’ve done this so I can drastically cut down on soda. And honestly it’s helping me a lot. First day this week I had two sodas. Second day I had all together pretty much one large mcds soda and yesterday I barely drank any. Like maybe a quarter of a large at McDonald’s. My cravings for it have pretty much gone down almost completely. Plus it’s helping my sleep schedule as well. Not going to bed nearly as late as before and have woke up every morning before 10 which is shocking for me. I’ll be keeping this up! Just wanted to share this life update!

      1. A rule my family does not apply
        Mother: Leaves thousands of mugs half full
        Father: Always brews a cup before doing anything of relevant importance
        Sibling: Drinks like 10 cups a day and stays up to 3AM

        I am liberated by the curse

      2. I honestly didn’t know that. Either way even if I drink it that late now I won’t be drinking nearly as much as I used to.

    1. That’s good, just be aware of the affects of coffee as well. Too much can lead to a caffeine addiction and can also stain teeth and bad breath

  23. Real talk
    I hate Bleth… I don’t want to see him or his cereal box toy collection mucking up the meta

    I’ve been fighting them all night last night and they’re just extremely annoying, I already have a issue with spammers and long range fighters but when you give yet another anime weeb a arsenal of long range attacks then I gotta put my foot down

    The sheer fact they get so much range from their aerials make them a problem. This one chode just kept trying to bank off back airs and the spinny air neutral nothing else and eventually pro players are gonna put them to better use and just make it not fun to play against

    In conclusion I sincerely hope Bleth get his intestines chewed out by disgruntled wolverines on a caffeine binge

  24. So I finally bought the first fighters pass in smash. My judgement of the characters so far.
    1. Hero
    2. Banjo
    3. Byleth
    4. Joker
    5. Terry
    Going purely by how much I enjoy playing as them. So curious what the six from the second pass will be. Still hoping for Crash Bandicoot

  25. This isn’t really a prediction, just an idea I had based on the Meteodaina rumor.
    Type: Grass/Fairy
    Ability: Purity (makes this Pokémon immune to poison type moves and being poisoned)
    Meteodaina hop from one planet to another, in search of conditions suitable for life. Once they find a planet suitable, they anchor themselves there and help facilitate the beginning of new life.
    It is rumored that Meteodaina are in fact creatures who have genetically manipulated by strange technology used by an alien
    civilisation far away in the universe. They are said to originate from similar technology that birthed Eternatus. While Eternatus was engineered to function as a sink and absorb energy into itself, Meteodaina was created to help spread life. Both creations are rumored to be last resorts of a highly advanced civilization that met it’s end due to running out of energy.

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