Showdown Special: Sword VS Shield

25 days until Pokémon Sword & Shield release!

This is the big one… Our Starter Showdown Redux series hasn’t concluded yet (we know, it’s been a while) but we’re happy to bring the next instalment in our Showdown series!

As part of The Path to Sword & Shield (our site-wide countdown to Pokémon Sword & Shield) we’re bringing everyone a special entry to the series: Showdown Special: Sword VS Shield. We simply want you to vote for the version of the game you plan to pick, or the version you think is better than the other.

Essentially the games are the same, with some version differences. Those differences come in the form of exclusive Gym Leaders, Pokémon and likely some other minor in-games variations. Are any of these variations big enough to sway your choice in game, or are you going to follow a life-long tradition? Red VS Blue?


We’re getting closer to the release date of the games and the excitement levels are building intensely. Tomorrow we’ve got a scheduled break in The Path to Sword & Shield, but you can still expect some new content to feast your eyes upon, or maybe a little housekeeping. Until then, get voting in the poll and ensure victory for your chosen version.

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