8/31 Pokémon Merchandise Round-up

Hi trainers! Today we have a special update on Pokémon merchandise coming soon to Japan! If we’re lucky, these may come to the Pokémon Center Online at some point in the future.

Galar Starter Plushies

Grookey, Scorbunny and Sobble have never looked cuter than they do in their adorable plushie form! These retail for about $15.50 USD.

Pokémon Trainer Dolls

These adorable plushies were released as an unofficial tie-in with the new Pokémon Masters game. They retail for about $17.

Elesa Figure

A figure of the gym leader Elesa has been produced by Kotobukiya for the Pokémon Center brand. It will be released in April of 2020 and costs about $125.

Shu Uemura x Pokémon Makeup Line

Japanese beauty brand Shu Uemura is partnering with Pokémon to release a line of unique makeup products inspired by Pokémon! Prices vary and the line will debut in two parts during November.

What did you think of all that Pokémon merchandise!? Anything you hope to see come to the West? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Let us know if you would like to see more weekly merchandise round-ups again too!

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