RUMOR: This 4chan Post Predicted Alcremie—And More!

WARNING: As always, rumors are posted for discussion purposes. They are not facts and should not be shared as such.

Following the release of the new Pokémon Sword & Shield trailer, fans have discovered that a 4chan post made reference to Alcremie with a pretty accurate description. The only small edit I have made is to remove a racial description from the new titan Pokémon in the post.

Hi guys, I have leaks, it is your choice if you believe or not.

>Galar is completely huge, you know that there is a wild area, but there is also an ‘Urban area’ this is basically ‘open world’ of the city, you will meet a lot of people, and they will give you stuff and quests.

>I can confirm that Gigantamaxing is real, there is a giga form to selected pokemon such as Charizard, Machamp, Jynx, and Piplup. You can fight them in an urban area.

>I saw two new pokemon, one of them is a pokemon titan, and it looks like a prehistoric man, and it is exclusive to max raid battles. The second one is just whipped cream.

>I know you are sad about the national dex, but the games are going to feature all the protagonists and rivals from main games in a unique facility, it called Battle all-stars. Some of them are getting new clothes, especially the guys from gen 4 and 5.

Since Alcremie has been revealed, consisting mostly of whipped cream, it seems like other details may have some truth to them. Hopefully after more information is revealed we can get a firmer idea of whether or not these are accurate.

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