CASETiFY x Pokémon Phone Case Review

CASETiFY has partnered with Pokémon to create some eye-catching phone cases and their second set (or “drop”) will be available on Wednesday. What makes these unique is the ability to pick your favorite Pokémon from the original 151 and customize the case to your liking. Items start from $25 and will be available for a wider range of phones and accessories than the first time.

Pokémon CASETiFY Phone Cases

We were lucky enough to get two different kinds of cases to review in advance of their official launch—I was even able to request a Mr. Mime for the case I received. Disclaimer: These cases were provided free of charge, but there were no restrictions or requests about what we write about them. These impressions are my own.

The first case features a medley of Pokémon, Poké Balls and more. The art is cute and fills the available space quite well. One of the things I appreciated about this configuration was the transparent case that let my iPhone’s color show through.

Putting it on was a quick and easy affair, actually more so than the similar clear plastic Spigen case that I usually use. With the shock absorption material inside, black in this case, it is rated for drops of up to 6′. Like any phone case though, I wouldn’t recommend testing that since the angle of the fall will really make a difference. The case provides enough of a lip that your phone screen won’t touch a surface if it’s face-down.

The second case is the one I prefer, but not just because it featured Mr. Mime. Its striking neon design with the swirling sand effect really looks great as a background for your favorite Pokémon. As an added bonus, the sand actually glows in the dark as well.

There are four color schemes for the sand and I can see a lot of possibilities for matching the colors of a Pokémon to one of them. The purple and pink mix is definitely giving me Gengar vibes.

One drawback to them is the size they add to the case. I’ve included a comparison shot above between both cases and the size increase is evident. When attached to my iPhone 8 Plus it definitely feels bulkier, but not unmanageable. It would certainly not stop me from using it as a day-to-day case.

Like the previous case, this one also provides drop protection and provides a suitable lip to protect the phone’s screen.

I’m happy to report that both cases do feel like quality cases and I would recommend picking one up if you want to accessorize with Pokémon designs. My only two concerns would be the designs rubbing off, since they are printed on the exterior of the case, and potential yellowing of the plastic, but unfortunately I’m not able to test either with the second drop going on sale in just a matter of days.

UPDATE: I will note that getting the sand cases off your phone is much harder than a normal case—I had to look online for a guide on how to do it.

If you are interested I highly recommend you at least add your email to the waitlist, because the first wave of good sold out in just 72 hours. Since the cases are customizable it should be fun to see what you can come up with.

Let me know what you think of mine in the comments below! What Pokémon would you pick?!