Top 10 Pokémon to Bring to a 4th of July Party

Today is the 4th of July—the day when all Americans dress up in tacky flag-inspired attire, attend parades and start grilling some mouthwatering food to celebrate the independence of their country.

Life is hard and preparing a barbecue for friends and family can be even harder. Luckily there are plenty of Pokémon that can ease the load if you just apply a little creative thinking.

10) Braviary is a given—what other Pokémon can set the mood for American Independence quite like this elegant Eagle-like creature. Having it circle overhead will show an appropriate amount of patriotism at your celebration. You will certainly be the envy of your neighborhood.

8) Venonat may seem like an odd choice, but its diet consists entirely of small insects! What could be worse than mosquitos bugging you during Independence Day festivities? Luckily with a little Venonat around you’ll be pest-free! Plus no toxic wings like its evolution.

6) Vanillite may look like ice cream, but don’t eat it. The real reason you’ll want one around is for its freezing breath: the perfect solution for a hot day! You may need to keep it in the freezer to let it stay cool though…

9) Charmander has a flame on its tail and doesn’t take up much space. The perfect substitute for a grill! Just have it back up under a cooking grate and plop a few hamburger patties down. After dinner it can be used as a light source or something to make your s’mores with!

7) Elekid is the Pokémon you want to have on hand for when your phone battery starts getting low. Hopefully you have one of the newer models with wireless charging, but even if you don’t it may be enough just to touch the charging cable to its fur… just don’t get shocked yourself.

5) Trubbish can help anyone go green. No need to contribute to the growing trash islands polluting our oceans if you feed your loyal Pokémon all of your refuse! Just make sure to keep it a ways away from the party—pee-ew.

4) Panpour‘s water is what will keep you from dehydrating. A Water Gun into you glass every hour will not only make sure you’re ready to keep the summer fun rolling, but also hopefully keep your body strong. The nutrients its water contains are said to be good for plants, so that must mean we can benefit too, right? Right?!

3) Kricketune may not seem like an obvious choice, but any party is going to need music. Why worry about bringing along a sound system when you can listen to the acoustic stylings of nature’s most gifted musician. It can even take requests from its trainer!

2) Frost Rotom is going to make sure that everything you need to stay cold stays cold. Don’t worry about bringing that tub of ice cream along to the picnic—if it’s in Rotom, it won’t melt. Meats, cheeses, you name it, Rotom can keep it cold for you. Truly the perfect buddy for summer cookouts.

1) Blacephalon is the secret weapon of any 4th of July party, because it brings the BOOM. Officially classified as the ‘Fireworks Pokémon’, this beast will make sure you have the biggest and best pyrotechnics show in your area. Just make sure to wet down the grass before the fire starts flying.

We hope you enjoyed our list! Feel free to add what Pokémon you would like to celebrate with down in the comments! If you want to chat about Pokémon Sword & Shield just head over to our Discord server!

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