JungleTalk: What Past Pokémon Do You Want in Sword & Shield?

The limited number of Pokémon species appearing in the upcoming games Pokémon Sword and Shield has been a hot topic among fans. It is currently unknown exactly how many will appear in the Galar region, but it is confirmed that Pokémon not found there cannot be imported from past games via Pokémon HOME.

That leaves us with a question… what Pokémon do you want confirmed to be Galar-native? You can check what has or has not been confirmed yet on Serebii’s handy page.

Here’s my humble list:

  • Paras / Parasect
  • Mime Jr. / Mr. Mime
  • Dunsparce
  • Spinarak / Ariados
  • Seedot / Nuzleaf / Shiftry
  • Cherubi / Cherrim
  • Sewaddle / Swadloon / Leavanny
  • Darumaka / Darmanitan
  • Skrelp / Dragalge
  • Fomantis / Lurantis

It was not easy to narrow down 10 Pokémon families to hope for! Can’t help but to wish for even more, such as Carnivine and Gliscor.

Now it’s time to share YOUR list of must-have Pokémon! Let us know in the comments and then join our discussion on Discord!

Please be aware that while we realize this is a contentious issue in the Pokémon community we require comments to remain respectful and constructive. Thank you.

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