The Future of PokéJungle

There are going to be a few changes on the site, but please rest assured that we won’t stop covering rumors 😉 The first big change is the layout—we’ve taken our first step towards a new look! We hope you love it as much as we do. There are also new reaction images coming soon…

I actually have some very happy news to share with you all: I am getting married. While exciting, this wouldn’t necessarily be noteworthy for the site except for the fact that I am actually moving back to America with my partner. In a week. Seven more days. This is actually the culmination of over 14 months of endless immigration forms, but I didn’t want to share any details until everything was pretty much set in stone.

So what does this mean for the site? Luckily, our site designer Sam will continue to live in Tokyo and will still be sharing first hand accounts of events, merchandise and more from Japan. Please continue to look forward to plenty of content from Pokémon’s home country.

However, because I’m moving 6,000 miles back home, I will be continuing the US job search that I’ve already begun. I had to give up the livelihood that I had used to support the site costs and will now be using even more time and energy to secure a line of work.

We would be incredibly grateful for financial support from our readers and fans.

There are two great ways you can help us:

Here’s what I want to do if I can worry less about managing costs and more about creating content:

  • Finish work on a new merchandise back-end that will allow fans to get an even more in-depth look at the constant stream of goods in Japan and elsewhere
  • Add new community features such as poll creation, image uploads and even YouTube video sharing for a more dynamic site that further brings trainers together
  • Review the Japanese goods that I have bought specifically to share with you, hopefully in both article and video formats
  • Establish new weekly feature focusing on retro goods many of us enjoyed when the series debuted

No matter what, we’ll still be bringing you the latest Pokémon updates. Don’t worry. We, and I especially, just want to do more even in a challenging new situation such as this.

As always, thank you. I hope that you consider supporting the site and are looking forward to the additions we are planning. Looking forward to hearing from you in our Discord chat or in the comments.