Amazon Sale on Hit Switch Titles

If you own a Nintendo Switch (or will be buying one for Pokémon Sword & Shield), you might want to take a look at these deals. Gaming is even better when you can save a few bucks! These deals are for the American site, but it’s worth checking your country’s Amazon to see if they have any good deals as well!

Sale list

And if you really, really want to get a hard copy of Pokémon Sword & Shield as soon as they come out you can pre-order them while you’re at it (sorry, no sale here):

If you’re wondering, yes! The site does get money if you order through our links, but primarily I’m a thrifty shopper and I thought the Super Smash Bros. discount alone was worth a shout-out!

Let us know in the comments what you’ve been playing on your Switch recently (or what you’d like to be playing)!