Pokémon Center Online Updates with Sylveon Items, More

The online US Pokémon Center (sorry international buyers!), where you can get all your official merch, has been updated with new products.

First we have several new figures, including Dragonite using Hyper Beam, Alolan Vulpix using Blizzard, and Sylveon using Fairy Wind! You can see all of them here.

In addition, various Sylveon-themed items are now available for purchase! Newly added are t-shirts, socks, backpacks and lanyards! Perfect for any Sylveon enthusiast! You can check those items out here!

Any of this catch your eye? Let us know if you’d like to see more merchandise-themed updates in the future! We’re currently gauging interest!

Finally, don’t forget to join in the real-time chat on our Discord server! Lots of fans awaiting Pokémon Sword & Shield news and currently discussing potential for the games!