Merry Christmas: 2018

It’s that time of the year again! A magical time when family and friends come together to enjoy the festivities and give each other gifts. Not everyone may celebrate Christmas necessarily, but we can all appreciate the holiday cheer! We here at PokéJungle wish you the best of holidays this year and hope you get to spend them with people you love.

Holiday Team Building

Now we’d like to talk a little about Pokémon. What do you think would be the ultimate Christmas or holiday-themed team? I can imagine Delibird and Stantler would be great contenders for a spot… but I’m curious what you all can come up with—and the logic behind your picks!

Here’s something icy to get your mind on track

Share your team in the comments below and I may give the best ones a shout-out on Twitter!

What Did You Get For Christmas?

Did you get any great presents this year? We’d love to hear about those too! We may have some new Let’s Go! owners that want advice for their playthrough. Or perhaps some new challengers for a round of Super Smash Bros.!

Looking forward to hearing all about what was under the Christmas tree!