Happy Halloween from PokéJungle!

Halloween is finally upon us and we hope you’re all having a safe and spooktastic day! We’re sure some of our readers will be out trick or treating whilst others will be at home hiding under the duvet watching a scary movie marathon. Whatever you’re doing, Happy Halloween!

We’re proud to present the submission we received for our Halloween Community Special and oh Arceus, are they beautiful! First up…

Vitalising… Visualists

We received a wonderful selection for this section and we’ve featured them below. Have you got a favourite from the bunch?

Aspiring Authors

We only received two submissions for our writing category so we have decided to include both of them here, the first is a poem by our very own Belmad…

Knock knock knock…
Wonder who’s that
Hi Froslass
Now I’m dead.

…and the second is a slightly longer piece sent in by Lochnessfairy, you can read the story here!

Perfect Pumpkins

Lastly was our pumpkin carving category, we only received one submission but we think it’s simplicity speak for itself!

Gengar Jack-o’-lantern by @TheRealJakeShow

Spook-Off: Spooky Scary… Trainers

We also reintroduced our Showdown series with a Halloween special, in which we asked our readers to vote for their favourite Ghost-type trainers. The results are in and we are excited to announced the The Ecruteak Gym-Leader Morty won the Showdown receiving 26% of votes!

Once again we wish all of our readers a safe and spooky Halloween! Feel free to comment with you Halloween plans and any further bits of Halloween goodness you all get up to! See you all again very soon and stick around for the next Showdown very soon!