Spook-Off: Spooky Scary… Trainers

Our world renowned* Showdown Series is back for a Halloween-themed special: Spook-Off: Spooky Scary Trainers! See what we did there?

The format is exactly the same as before; we’ll put a selection of Ghost-type trainers together, our readers have to vote for their favourite and we’ll announce the Champion in a few days. To preface things we’re only including trainers who featured in core series games and have been recognised by a regional League in some form Gym Leader, Elite Four member or a Trials Leader. So let’s get into it!

Over the years we’ve been introduced to a number of Ghost-type trainers, from powerful, fan favourites like Acerola to suave Leader such as Morty. Now’s the time to find ultimate Ghost-trainer! We’ve listed all of the eligible competitors in the poll below, cast your vote and let the Showdown begin!

As always we encourage our readers to comment below with their opinions! Who did you vote for and why! Stay tuned for the announcement of the winner in a few days!