Halloween Special: Submission Call

Happy Haunting! October has arrived and with it comes the onslaught of orange, purple and black. Everyone’s favourite horrifying holiday is fast approaching and we want everyone to get into the spirit here at PokéJungle!

To get things off to a spooktacular start, you may have noticed that we’ve updated the site design to something a little more fitting. Can you see any of your favourite Pokémon in our new logo?

Community Creatives

Of course, PokéJungle is all about our readers! So we’ve got a selection of things for you guys to take part in, all with a chance to have your work featured in a Halloween Community Special later this month!

Aspiring Authors

First is for the writers out there; we want you to submit your best Halloween-themed piece of poetry or short story. Of course it should be Pokémon related and we’d like you to keep it within around a 5 minute read time, but other than that you have complete creative freedom! 

We’re looking for poetry, short stories, songs, memoirs, essays (maybe not…) and anything else you think you’d other members of the community would love to read!

Vitalising… Visualists

We know a ton of our readers are excellent visual creatives, always posting their latest artwork in the comments and sharing their exciting ideas for new Pokémon. This one is for you!

Halloween provides a great visual thematic for any sort of visual work, from the spooky aesthetic to the autumnal colour pallet. We want you guys to submit your best visual creative, it can be your latest sketch, a particular photograph you’re proud of or even a video you’ve edited. As with our writing submissions, we’d like it to be both Halloween and Pokémon themed!

Perfect Pumpkins

Lastly… Jack o’ Lanterns. We all love them. They’re a core part of the Halloween tradition and as such we thought they deserved their own submission category. Simply put: we want to see you best Pokémon theme pumpkin carvings! Just remember to watch your fingers as you carve away!

You have until the end of October 30th wherever you live (though we’re nice so can allow late submissions) and we’ll pick our favourite submissions and publish the special on Halloween! All of our usual community rules apply to submissions.

How to submit

Submitting is easy! You can either post your submission below in the comments (you’ll need a Disqus account!) by replying to the featured comment, you can tweet them to us on Twitter @pokejungle and #PJHalloween18, or you can submit them via email moving[at]pokejungle.net

Alongside all of this, we’ll have some special Halloween articles coming up and perhaps even a return of one of our most popular article series. 

See you around, get creative and stay safe out there trainers!