Shiny Poipole Distribution Announced!

Gamers outside of Japan may have been jealous after Game Freak’s home country got a Shiny Poipole distribution several months after Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon launched, but the event is finally headed to the West. The Ultra Beast will be obtainable via serial code through several distributors. Here’s what we know:

  • United States: GameStop will be giving away codes from September 17 to October 7
  • United Kingdom: Smyths will be handing out codes from September 17 to October 15
  • Europe: Code given in Pokémon Trainer Newsletter email for September

If we hear more, particularly details concerning Canada and Australia, we’ll be sure to update the post!

The Poipole will be level 40 and know the moves Venom Drench, Nasty Plot, Poison Jab and Dragon Pulse with a Modest nature.

Don’t forget to share the news with your fellow trainers, this shiny Pokémon is quite a catch!