Weekly Wrap Up 3/26-4/1

Weekly Wrap Up is our end of the week digest of smaller news stories that are just as important, but didn’t get a dedicated post! If you’d like to get real time updates about what’s mentioned here you can follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Here’s what you missed from March 26th to April 1st!

This Week’s Big Stories

Pokémon GO Prepares For Mew, Adds Quests

RUMOR: Chinese Image Teases New Features

Japanese Through Pokémon: Your One-Stop Poké Shop

Pokémon Plushie Teased as a New Reveal: What Could It Be?

RUMOR: The Mysterious Lapras Image Revealed

Pokkén Tournament DX

  • From April 6th through April 8th you can participate in the Searing Blaze special Group Match! Participation will reward you with a special title based on Charizard, gaining more the higher you place

Pokémon Duel

  • A new trailer has been released for the upcoming 2nd anniversary update! The trailer shows off some of the changes coming to the game in version 6.0 such as the teasing upcoming Black Kyurem and White Kyurem figures (among other new Mega and Gen VII figures), along with the brand new Tournament mode and upgraded social told to improve connectivity and communication

Pokémon Shuffle

  • A Pokémon Safari featuring Darumaka, Electrike, Plusle, Minun, Alolan Diglett, Darmanitan, Pikachu (Winking), Raichu (Winking), Manectric & Alolan Dugtrio will be available until April 10th
  • The following stages are all available until April 3rd as part of week 7 of Pokémon Shuffle’s event cycle:
    • The Ultra Challenge Stage against White Kyurem
    • The Great Challenge Stages consist of Chikorita (Winking), Dialga, Lycanroc, Toxapex, & Salazzle
    • This week’s Daily Pokémon stages are Lunatone, Tyrogue, Castform, Mantyke & Solrock
    • The One Chance Per Day stage features Cosmog
    • There’s a Competitive Stage for Mega Manectric

Check out the official Pokémon merchandise that was either revealed, leaked, or is now available for purchase this week (big thanks to Pokéshopper as always for scouring the internet for merchandise news!):


Assuming the Lapras image is legitimate, how would you feel about Pokémon Switch being a reboot with a buddy Pokémon by your side?