Detective Pikachu, Pokkén DLC Out Today!

Pokémon fans rejoice, we have some games and DLC to hold us over until Pokémon Switch!

Solve the mystery of Ryme City’s rampaging Pokémon and find Tim’s missing father in (and with!) Detective Pikachu! This episodic adventure continues on from part 1 of the game first released in Japan back in 2016. And be sure to get the massive accompanying Detective Pikachu amiibo which gives you Pika Prompts and hints when used in game!

In addition, the Detective Pikachu: Episode 0 – Eevee’s Case eBook is available for free in the Apple iBooks store, Rakuten Kobo eBook store, and Amazon Kindle store! And did we mention you can also download a free Detective Pikachu iOS sticker pack via the App Store? TPCi isn’t pulling the punches with promotion this time around!

Here’s what official outlets are saying about the latest spin-off in the Pokémon franchise:

IGN – 8.2/10

“Detective Pikachu offers a bold take on the iconic Pokemon, which succeeds thanks to Pika Prompts that build Pikachu beyond detective stereotypes. Even though I figured out cases far before their end, each one utilized the world of Pokemon to its fullest, and ultimately offered a unique Pokemon experience that I hope we see done again soon”


“Pikachu is normally very cute and a little bit sassy, but its Detective variety is unlike any Pikachu you’ve ever seen. Detective Pikachu plays with your expectations of what Pikachu should be, and the game has a lot of fun reveling in the weirdness of a small, adorable creature talking and acting like a human man. It’s campy and self-aware, showing a different side to Pokemon and Pikachu with an infectiously rambunctious attitude.”


“The story is truly gripping and, when you couple that with the constant location changes, you’ll definitely want to see the game through to the end, but with most cases being a little too simple for mature audiences, you might start to lose a little of the initial excitement later on”


“The gameplay might not be the most engaging, and there’s not much replay value after you finish the story…but I would absolutely recommend the game…would love to see more Detective Pikachu in the future.”

If fighting games are more your style, the second wave of the Battle Pack DLC for Pokkén Tournament DX is now available in the Nintendo eShop! This wave adds the classic Water-type, Blastoise, to the game as a fighter, along with Mew and Celebi as Support Pokémon.

Which will you be picking up?