Welcome to PokéJungle Forums

I want to start this article by saying a massive thank you to the members that made our previous forum, Mt. Moon Community, such a great place and helped it reach its 10 year birthday yesterday. Unfortunately, I realized it was better to group the forums in directly with the site and, in consultation with members of our old forum, decided to start afresh.

That brings me to the main of this post: WE HAVE FORUMS THAT BEAR OUR NAME! Many of you have commented in the past you didn’t know if we had forums or what the deal was, but yes we do and they are now BRAND NEW! Welcome to the PokéJungle Forums!


It only makes sense that the adorable Swadloon would be our mascot (hint: Leavanny could be coming soon for something else) and it is more than happy to look after our forums for us as their official caretaker.

PLEASE JOIN NOW: Go check it out! Those who register TODAY will get special bonuses such as bigger image uploads, larger inboxes and special recognition of their community support! Don’t delay and pass up on this chance! Really excited to interact with you guys in a new way with more options than just our comments (which are fun, but let’s face it, a bit restrictive for general conversation!). Don’t forget to introduce yourself after you join!

<3 PJ