Will the 2DS Pokémon bundles entice you to buy one?

pokemon-new-3dsNintendo will be releasing new colors of its 2DS console alongside the digital re-release of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow for both the 3DS/2DS. The transparent Red and Blue seem to be similar to 2014’s versions which were released with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, although these feature colored buttons similar to the New 3DS (XL/LL) models, while the transparent Yellow is a new color available to Western gamers. So far this bundle has not been confirmed for North America, but they will get the normal-sized New 3DS with Pokémon coverplates.

In Japan this will be the first 2DS to be released; the sales of the 3DS there have remained strong and a budget model was never seen as necessary. Japanese fans will now get a chance to purchase the console and have an additional green model to accompany Pokémon Green, an exclusive title that never made it to other countries.

Although the four 2DS’s don’t feature any physical Pokémon designs, they do come with unique homescreens that correlate to the color. For those who already own a 3DS (most of us, I’d assume), will this prompt you to buy an additional console?


Personally, I will be laying down the cash to pick up the Pokémon Green bundle. I hadn’t planned to buy a new console, but my original Japanese 3DS is getting a bit worn out and its hard to pass up such an arresting green design. The 2DS also seems like a fun design and part of me regrets not buying a micro GameBoy Advance back in the day. Sometimes novelty hardware can add to the experience.

I want to hear your thoughts down below in the comments! what do you think?

<3 PJ

  1. I was actually searching for a Japanese 2DS a while ago, not realizing it had never been released over there. I’m happy to see that not only are they finally available, but in awesome Pokemon bundles to boot! I’m torn between Yellow and Green at the moment, but I’m not ready to purchase another game system just yet so I have time to decide.

    Maybe off-topic, but if I (in the US) own a Japanese system, would I have access to Japanese wifi events and the Japanese eshop? Or will the system recognize that I’m not in Japan, and prevent that? (If it does, I can see traveling overseas with a game system being annoying…)

    1. You would only have access to the Japanese eShop and events. The region of the game cartridge determines the region for the events.

  2. I definitely would buy one, but we’re only getting that New 3DS bundle here in America. I’m very disappointed, because I really wanted that yellow 2DS.

  3. I will admit the bright see through plastic is very enticing but alas I will not partake of such finery
    My pockets are woefully underfunded

  4. I love the 2DS systems. I would buy them and keep them wrapped up. I’m currently paying off the New 3DS system though.

  5. Nah, I’d rather spend my money on a stripper tbh. I already have a 3ds, I don’t have a stripper.

  6. I’m sort of annoyed they haven’t announced a new 3ds xl bundle in Europe yet. Im waiting to buy one for a while and if a Pokémon bundle came out I’d instantly buy it.

    I’d also like a bundle with a few of them included not just one, but that’s just me being greedy 😉

  7. I went to pay on my New 3DS today and they said I was lucky to order mine when I did because they were cut off a day or two ago and all quantities were sold. Not sure if they meant locally or all together.

    1. I’m considering an all water run through on Blue and an all Grass and Bug run through on Red.

      1. Nice, but there’s just so many Pokemon I love to use
        Charizard, Nidoking, Golem, Machamp, Hypno, Electabuzz, Snorlax, Primeape, Jynx, Poliwrath, Rhydon, Aerodactyl, Victreebel, and so much more Sandslash and Marowak

  8. If I weren’t an 18 year old college student, I’d probably purchase them but I am, so nope.

    1. Ash Greninja still boggles my mind as to what it exactly is and that veil of water surrounding it.. what is up with that? I love the direction they’re going with the anime tho

      1. Ash-Greninja is kinda a wild card where they can give him an “Pseudo-Mega” to compete with the other rival’ Mega Charizard and Mega Sceptile to complete the who Grass Fire Water trio Mega shtick
        In a lore pov: Special Greninja every 100 years say that if their bond with their trainer has reached the maximum level they can enter a state of perfect sync with their trainer unlocking ultimate power but this comes with a catch. Their bond is truly perfect so much they feel and endure the pain that one would experience

      2. It’s basically an excuse to not give Ash a mega.
        As for the veil of water, Ash doesn’t really know what Ash greninja is and how to activate it,the veil of water shows that Greninja is undergoing a transformation,but that transformation isn’t complete.

    2. Personally I’ve found it ‘spiced up’ a long time ago. The XY and XYZ arc has been amazing so far.

      1. i mean the last few episodes were boring
        But now that kid’s showing some spice
        M. Sceptile
        Honedge-bound to be an Aegislash
        and 2 slots open for something

        I always pictured the Rival of XYZ to have a Honedge but this works fine

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