LINE Adds Animated Pokémon Stickers

Some of you may have seen on our Twitter that a third set of Pokémon stickers had been released for the messaging app LINE. For those of you not acquainted with the app, it is a free messaging service for iOS/Android/PC and widely used throughout Asia. Part of its appeal comes from “stickers”, or large emoticons/images, that you can send to friends to express yourself. Facebook has now implemented similar images into their messaging so the concept shouldn’t be too foreign to Westerners. Unlike Facebook, however, LINE often releases sets of images based on established brands and characters and charges $1-2 for them. This new set from Pokémon is the first to be animated.

imageTo the right you can see the full selection of stickers offered. For those curious about what some say in Japanese I’ll do a quick breakdown:

  • Lucario: Roger!
  • Shaymin: Thanks
  • Pokéball: *nervous/excited*
  • Wobbuffet: Is that so?!
  • Inkay: Well… whatever (it’s a pun in Japanese)
  • Chansey: Lucky!
  • Victini: Fight!
  • Electrode: On my way!
  • Greninja (scroll): (Japanese phrase used when leaving before others)

Let’s here what you think of them! The Pokéball just might be my favorite, although Bulbasaur, Inkay and Exeggutor are great too. I’ll be annoying all my friends with these from now on.

<3 PJ