Starter Showdown 2015: Generation Five

Generation Four Results

The winner of our Generation Four round is Piplup, another Water-type winner!  So far it’s: 2 points to Fire-type, 2 to Water and 0 to Grass.

Piplup Dream

Generation was once again very close, Turtwig and Chimchar received almost equal votes, at 30.44% and 28.85% of votes respectively, while the winner Piplup received 40.7% of reader votes.

Image coming soon!

Generation Five Voting

We’re coming towards the closing round of the 2015 Starter Showdown and as such the next round moves on the Generation Five. This time our readers must choose between Snivy, Oshawott and Tepig.

Check back tomorrow for the Twitter poll!


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Voting periods

Generation One: 29th November – 3rd December
Generation Two: 3rd December – 7th December
Generation Three: 8th December – 12th December
Generation Four: 13th December – 18th December
Generation Five:  19th December – 23rd December
Generation Six: 24th December – 28th December

Final round: 28th December – 31st December

Results: New Years’ Day, 2016

    1. There’s more to voting than just the poll on the site. There’s a poll on Twitter and the option to retweet for you favourite starter. 🙂

  1. Serperior is clearly the superior one here. It’s design is elegant, classy, alluring and evolves from the perfectly sassy Snivy. Emboar just has too much going on with its design and Samurott doesn’t resemble an otter at all. It should’ve been bipedal.

    1. To be fair, Gamefreak claimed Oshawott’s line was the most difficult to design and they eventually settled with the samurai theme and a sea lion after visiting an aquarium

  2. Tbh even though Gen 5 is probably my favorite Gen, the starters are my least favorite. It’s hard to pick between them because I still like them but they are my least favorite so it’s hard to pick between them because I still like them but they are my least favorite so it’s hard to pick between them because I still like them but they are my least favorite so it’s hard to pick between them because I still like them but they are my least favorite so what do you think?

    1. It’s really late at night and I’m really tired from work and reading this comment really frustrated me because I thought I was reading the same shit over and over again.

      1. I was hoping this would happen. I typed it after work and felt like pissing someone off. ?

  3. Even though Tepig won’t win I still will show my unwavering support for the starter most suited to me
    I just want to say Emboar is just the perfect starter for me, Infernape and Blaziken were too lean and fast for my tastes I needed a bulky bruiser, yes I’m aware Swampert still exists but I really never liked it all that much.

  4. Huzzah i knew piplup would win!
    Now lets get oshawott the win! Who doesnt like a cool otter/sea lion! With its signature attack razor shell! And anime oshawott was the best thing in unova anime. This is one of the few lines of starters where i like them all equally.
    Snivy is meh. Its cool and elegant but just something about it turns me off.
    Tepig is just no. Another fire fighting. And the whole line looks ugly imo. (shiny emboar is baws though)

  5. I can’t vote! For the last few polls I click the vote button and nothing happens 🙁

    1. Same thing happened to me when using Chrome. Try Internet Explorer just to see if it works, it did for me 🙂

  6. The poll works for me if I’m on my phone visiting the site (with chrome) but not when I’m on my computer with chrome

  7. i think Showdown finally nerfed Mega Sableye
    either it was a glitch but Sableye Mega evolved but Excadrill still attacked first ergo Mega Evolving stopping Prankster the first turn

    1. Well they cant nerf a pokemon, so either they didn’t use a status move, or it was a glitch

      1. well if i remember correctly
        Sableye Mega Evolved
        Excadrill used Earthquake
        M. Sableye used Will-broken-Wisp

        1. Ooooh 2 glitches,
          A glitch upon not using prankster
          And glitch of mindlessly saying something is broken
          You might wanna get that checked out

        2. Your opponent wasn’t prankster sableye…simple. They aren’t allowed to “nerf” anything in that way lol

  8. So we got ALOT of Yokai Watch stuff in at Toys R Us tonight and I bought some medals when I clocked out. Yokai are about to take over America.

      1. That’s because people don’t know what it is. The holiday season and Q4 is about to end. I sold at least three games last night. And then we got more in stock. Not including the 2DS bundles.

  9. @MalachiteOlaf:disqus is correct. I have to use my phone to vote properly. Anyways, Oshawott is my favorite starter of this Generation! Samurott is just super dope! #TeamOsha

  10. All eyes on #TeamOshawott. I like the other 2, but Oshawott is my main dude. Also i’m glad Piplup won!! In other news I finally got Hoopa! I got 2 in fact hahaha. Gonna go get a third maybe tomorrow or Wednesday too. I guess that’s the perk of of having 3 games lol

  11. Has anyone seen the controversy regarding Lionmaker studios ? He is someone who made Minecraft videos… I won’t get into it here as it isn’t a topic for the site. But he’s been doing awful things.

    Please everyone flag his account and report it. I only found this out a few hours ago and have never heard of him before this. But my God he is an evil man.

    Report, for the sake of children’s safety.

    Sorry I just hope everyone sees this so gamers of all ages are safe.

    1. This may not be the best place for details, but any cHanceville you could link an article or anything?

      1. YouTube Lionmaker studios. And dramaalert didna video on it. Also his twitter is now full pornography its vile. The full story is found on twitter and the child’s mother is thazking everyone for their help etc.

        Utter maddness

    1. I think it’s pretty much a given at this point. Hopefully they announce it sooner rather than later!

          1. By that, I hope you mean just adding the final Gen 6 game/games to Pokken Tournament and Gen 1 re-releases.

          2. No, by that I mean I don’t expect that much maybe just spin offs and movies, not any main story

  12. Talking about GF I just saw 3 new game in company site ….when try to open it forbidden error appear , any body know wat r these?

  13. Plot twist; in the 3DS realm of Pokémon Kalos is connected to Kanto instead of Johto being connected to Kanto.


    Unova looked like it could’ve been connected to another region but we got an itt bitty play area.

  14. So after watching a bit of the latest Series XY&Z I may have learnt a little interesting fact about Ash-Greninja
    Ash-Greninja seems to be in absolute perfect sync with Ash which even goes as far as Ash feeling pain that Greninja suffers in battle,

      1. What makes u not like it? If it was just a regular mega would u like it just a little bit more as it wouldn’t b directly connected to Ash?

        1. I feel as if its wayyy too complicated and is basically a mega but not a mega. A regular mega would be better. I dont like the design.
          Like whats the point of this? What can it do a mega cant do? Also normally pokemon transformation have to do with the pokemon origin. Frogs dont look like their humans if they like them. I dont know much about ninjas but i dont think they transform to look like their good friends. I just feel its a way to cheat out greninja from getting a mega.

          1. I think it’s just their way of giving Ash something bc if he had a mega then there would b no excuse for him to lose at the league. At least this way they can b all “Well it’s strong for sure, but ultimately didn’t stack up to *blank’s* mega evolution.” Personally I kind of like Ash-Greninja. The design over all isn’t too bad and I think the main reason people jump on it is bc it’s suppose to look a little like Ash. If Ash had a different design with Ash-Greninja still looking like this I think people wouldn’t have had such an adverse reaction to it.

          2. I like the design,but it’s basically just an excuse to not give ash a mega.
            Something like Mega Zard Y would have made much more sense considering Alain has Mega Zard X.

          3. Well its technically supposed to reflect the starters
            Alain Charizard
            Sawyer Sceptile
            Ash Greninja

      1. you being rude *scoff*
        and for your information i posted this the day the episode aired

        1. Ugh typical vile shite from you. Can’t even say happy Christmas. Troll wish you were just banned again this time for good

  15. This is around the time we got the announcement for the announcement of X and Y right? Well i think we should be getting some news of news soon and I’m willing to bet we’ll see an announcement at least on or before the 8th of Jan.

    1. Apparently they did announce the January Pokemon Direct on December 29, 2012. I had no idea. I really hope they do another one for the 3rd anniversary of that date. It has to happen at some point soon.

      1. Yeah I’m psyched. i have a strange feeling that the marketing team will use the new year’s eve very creatively.

  16. Did you hear about those snazzy 2DS bundles being released in Japan? Transparent versions of red, blue, green and yellow systems! I hope we get the red, blue and yellow versions here in America! They look so nice!

    1. It’s funny how nobody really cares about the 2DS until they bundled it with Pokemon hahaha or at least I didn’t lol

  17. So Japan is getting an event early next to coincide with R/B/G/Y releasing on the E-shop and it’s a Mew! If the rest of the world doesn’t also get it I’m going to scream 😉

    Merry Christmas by the way!

  18. There’s been some serious conflict on Steam, and I’m freaking the hell out. I can’t remember if I deleted the credit card information on my account a few months ago, and I can’t access my account to check. People have been getting their money stolen and personal information leaked. IT’S HAPPENING!

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